Okay, today I am going to be doing some shameless self promotion. Just wanted to get that off my chest before you read any further.

bvb104-gif-drew-reliefI made a world on a site called Worlize.

Some of you may have heard of it when a fairy made a fan rendering of Pixie Hollow on it.

Screen shot 2015-06-23 at 3.00.52 PM

It is pretty awesome.

Screen shot 2015-06-23 at 3.01.10 PM

When I saw it, I decided to make my own.


I mean, how hard could it be?

Very hard. Very, very, very, hard.


After a couple months of downloading hundreds (if not thousands, literally) of backgrounds, objects, props, and avatars one by one, I was ready to give up and do this.


But, for all my stupidity in starting something, I sure finished it.Quite well if I do say so myself.


The only thing was, people barely noticed it, because very few people went on worlize pixie hollows anyway, and the ones that did went on the one I mentioned above.

80202-zooey-deschanel-crying-sad-gif-th6E I’m not angry, just disappointed.

I added a whole bunch of things. Saveable props, customized avatars, editing services, special limited time meadows, gifts, surprises, added widgets and gadgets. But I had forgotten to add music, which all the others had.


Mine was, by far, the most intricately detailed one, but I had never learned how to get music, and was to afraid to ask now.

But, now I have this blog! I can post and self promote all I want!


So, here is the link to my Pixie Hollow Remade:


Enjoy, and there will be many more posts about my worlize worlds and friends.


8 thoughts on “Worlize

      1. I’d love to show you how! If I can meet you on Worlize sometime and show you in person I will, but I’ll give you the rundown here. First you need your background and have to resize it to 570(high) and 950(across) You may have to crop the background to a more rectangle shape before resizing otherwise the image might be stretched. Afterword, you upload the resized background to the object folder. If the youtube player is already inside the room and ready for autoplay, place the object in the room and make sure it fills the entire space. AND YOU”RE DONE!!! If you have any problems be sure to comment so I can help out with that too. I’m Gwyn on Worlize and I go on usually during the weekends if you want to talk in person. Hope I helped.

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