The Order’s Beginnings

(Do not read until you have read Diary Dilemma)

Long before Raven, Rose, or Dalila, there was the Order. As Raven knows, the Order has a hand in everything that happens in Pixie Hollow. The talent mentors, the Never Council, and the Queen all obey the Order’s strict rules. But it wasn’t always this way.

Let’s take a trip back in time…All the way back to 1930s Pixie Hollow. The officials that forced the silk-talents out of the Hollow are in power. The ban on Forbidden Children is stricter than ever, tension between well-off pixies (Members) and not-so-well-off pixies (non-Members) is high, and everyone is feeling the effects of the corrupt government. So, when a determined, fresh-from-the-Mainland fairy storms in, telling tales of a liberated and culturally rich world? Well, it’s not so hard to see why the pixies of the Hollow unite under her.

This fairy was a certain Claudia Pearlstring, and she was a charismatic and effective leader. She could unify both Forbidden Children and Arrived pixies alike with her wild tales of adventure on the Mainland. Soon, Claudia had a large following, which was a huge step toward her goal: Overthrowing the government.

Of course, the current government didn’t much appreciate this, so Claudia and her cause were quickly repressed, with any mention of her being a punishable offense. Claudia contacted her loyal followers through a small newspaper, which documented the misdeeds of the current officials, and her plans for stopping them.

A few years into Claudia’s rebellion, the top government officials decided it would be much easier to get rid of her than attempt to stymie the effects she had on pixies, so they planned an assassination. While she was injured, Claudia survived, and informed her worried supporters of her health in her newspaper (which by now had grown over twice in size), mocking the attempt at the same time.

Spurred on by the attempt, Claudia came up with the idea of the Order not long after, and appointed her closest friends and followers as the first members. The Order proved to be very successful, as just four months after its inception, a coup was staged, and the government was brought down.

Now, there was a bit of uncertainty as to what would happen from this point on. Would Pixie Hollow become a republic, or continue on as an oligarchy? Even Claudia herself was unsure of what to do. While Claudia wanted the Hollow to become a monarchy, she didn’t want to rule in her own right, but she hadn’t a child to pass the Hollow on to, yet. Help came in the form of her closest friend, a weather-talent named Gale. Gale suggested that she could rule, at least until Claudia’s potential children became of age. Claudia agreed, and Gale became queen.

All of the Order members agreed that it would be best for the Order to go underground, manipulating the Hollow from the background. All records of the Order, its members, and the coup were erased, and decades later, it is still the Hollow’s best kept secret.