The Great Pumpkin Carving Caper

Raven’s POV

“Hey Raven, are you almost done carving your pumpkin?”

“Almost. Stop bothering me!”

I wave away Acorn, a nosy sparrow man who is upset that my pumpkin is taking so long to finish carving.

“I’ll put it on the back of the cart when I’m done, will that stop you from pestering me?”

Acorn finally flitters away, huffing. Some fairies don’t have the same attention to detail as I do. This year’s Animal Masquerade is going to have the best pumpkins Pixie Hollow has ever seen! This pumpkin is part of the last cartload. I’m carving a giant scary face on it, and I’m almost finished!

“Finally, I’m done!!”

I carefully sprinkle just a bit of pixie dust on my finished pumpkin, and push it towards the cart.

Apparently, I push a little too hard, because next thing I know, the whole cart of pumpkins is overturned, and I’m surrounded by what looks like the result of a battle between two  pumpkin patches.


Sophie’s POV

“What have you done now, Raven?”

Raven has just shown up on my doorstep wearing a very sheepish expression.

“Remember all the favors you owe me?” She asks, rubbing her hands together anxiously.

“Not all of them, why?”

“I’m cashing them in.”

All of them!? What in Neverland have you done?!”

“Get Sarah over here too. We’ll need her help too.”

Sarah’s POV

“You need us to do what!?” I ask.

“Carve pumpkins. Twelve of them.” Raven replies.

“Well, we better get started then, shouldn’t we?” Sophie says, placing her hands on her hips.

I look at her like she’s crazy.

“You’re actually going to do this??” I ask, bewildered.

“Of course I am. I owe Raven favors, and so do you!”

“Not a lot of favors!!” I point out indignantly. “I’ve only know her for a month!”

Raven stares me down.

“Need I bring up the waiting list incident?” She says, arching her eyebrows.

“Fine! But I’m only doing this because I want pumpkins for the Animal Masquerade!”

Raven’s POV

The next day…

“Ew, I smell like pumpkin guts!” Sophie shrieks.

“That’s usually what happens when you spend a few hours inside a pumpkin.” I remark sarcastically.

“Hey, you watch your tone. I carved those pumpkins for you.

I shrug. An argument with Sophie isn’t worth it, especially when we’ve both had less than three hours of sleep.

“Hello Raven!” A voice above my head says.

“Oh, hey Acorn.”

“I’ve got bad news.”

“What?” I panic slightly. Has somebody figured out I replaced the pumpkins?

“It turns out we didn’t need all the pumpkins we carved, so we got rid of the last cart. Your pumpkin didn’t make the final cut.”



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