The Forbidden Talent

Many, many years ago, long before Raven or the Order, there were silk-talents. Silk-talents took great pride in their work, and boy, did they have a lot of it. They had to breed silkworms, grow mulberry trees, harvest the cocoons, and finally, dye and weave the silk. Because of the great variety of their work, they were considered one of the most skilled talents of their day.

Refined silk was, at one time, the most prized material in the Hollow. It was valued for its luster and texture, much like on the Mainland, but also for it’s unique effect on magic. Pixies that wore silk found that their magic was increased nearly tenfold. Pixie dust that has been exposed to silk fibers has also been found to be more potent and powerful. Because of this, silk garments were in high demand.

If you were lucky enough to be a silk-talent, you would spend most of your time creating beautiful silk articles for wealthy pixies. Your many commissions would ensure you a comfortable, if not luxurious, lifestyle, and you’d be hailed as one of the most talented and privileged pixies of your day.

Unfortunately, this high point of prosperity would not last long.

Soon, pixies began to test different substances to see if they had the same effect. Most of these substances had no effect. However, some of these investigations did not simply fail, but ended in disaster. Angered by their lack of success, many of the experiment’s conductors began planting seeds of unrest among fairies and sparrow men. They suggested that silk-talents (and the pixies that could afford them) should not be the only ones with access to this great power. This led to an uprising.

Angry fairies and sparrow men stormed the Home Tree and confiscated the silk -talent’s talent symbol, intending to hold it ransom until the silk-talents agreed to provide silk for everyfairy equally. However, the leaders of the uprising (the experiment’s conductors) had different plans. Instead of bargaining with the silk-talents, they marched them straight out of the Hollow, forbidding them from returning.

Once the leaders of the uprising returned, they destroyed the symbol of the silk-talents, appointed themselves to their new system of government, and swore everyfairy involved to secrecy. Decades later, silk-talents are all but forgotten, dismissed as a ghost story, meant only to scare gullible new arrivals.

However, as we all know, there’s always a bit of truth to the myth…


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