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Raven’s Story

Sarah’s Story

Dalila’s Diary

Pixie Hollow Lore:

The Forbidden Talent

Talent Symbols

The Order’s Beginnings


The Fluffy Fairy — 1989-1990

Raven’s Arrival — December 11, 2009

Sophie’s Arrival — January 6, 2010

Sarah’s Arrival — July 5, 2011

How Sarah Met Sophie — August 2011

The Great Pumpkin Carving Caper — October 2011

Christmas Chaos — December 2011

Diary Dilemma — Summer 2013

Raven’s Story — Begins August 20, 2013

Sarah’s Story — Begins September 19, 2013

About Forbidden Children:

Due to creative differences, Rose Morningmist and I are no longer writing together. We continue to use each other’s creative ideas, however, as our stories are now irreversibly intertwined. Forbidden Children are her creations, and you can find her blog here.