Pretty Pixies!


On this page, you can find beauty tips and solutions our fairies could have used in Pixie Hollow!

Honey Mask:

You Will Need: Honey and cool water.

First, find your honey. I use a bottle of organic honey from Costco. Make sure to read the ingredient list to make sure what you’re using is just honey! I recommend having a bottle of honey specifically for beauty uses. You don’t want bits of hair in your coffee!

Next, wet your face with cool water. I find that this makes it easier for the honey to glide on.

Then, pour a bit of honey onto your face and rub it in circles. If your honey has partially crystalized, it can also exfoliate!

I left this mask on overnight, but you can wear it for as little as 15 minutes.

To take it off, rinse with more cool water. You might have to take a shower to get it out of your hairline.

Sarah says: Use this twice a week, and don’t forget to tie your hair back!

Good For: Acne, scars, dark circles.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse:

You Will Need: Apple cider vinegar and water.

First, measure out a half cup each of apple cider vinegar and water. Make sure the apple cider vinegar you’re using doesn’t have artificial ingredients in it, like caramel color.

Next, combine them into an empty bottle. A spray bottle works best for this.

Then, spray the rinse into your hair. Really work it into your hair.

After letting it sit for about two minutes, rinse your hair quickly.

Your hair will smell really vinegar-y while it’s wet, but as soon as it dries, it will completely go away.

Raven says: I add lavender essential oil to cover up any leftover vinegar smell!

Good For: Dull hair.

Instantly Dry Nails:

You Will Need:  Spray cooking oil and a bowl of ice-cold water.

First, paint your nails. Make sure you don’t paint onto your skin!

Next, spray your fingernails with cooking oil. I used a knock-off of Pam.

Then, immediately dip your fingers into the bowl of ice-cold water.

After a few seconds, pull your fingers out. They’ll be shiny, smooth, and dry!

Sophie says: Make sure you don’t smudge your nail polish on the ice!

Sleepy Pixie Potion:

You Will Need: A cotton ball and lavender essential oil.

First, put a few drops of the lavender essential oil on the cotton ball.

Next, dab the cotton ball onto your pillow.

Finally, lay down and get some sleep!

Sophie says: You can also dab some lavender oil onto your neck!

Good For: Sleepless nights.


Stay tuned for more pixielicious beauty tips!


7 thoughts on “Pretty Pixies!

  1. Amazing, thanks Raven! I’m going to try the honey mask (unfortunately, acne is a fact of life for me) and the quick-dry nail polish method 😄

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Honestly,If you have acne try cutting of dairy products and replace them with vegan alternatives!
      Cow’s milk has more than 350 hormones in it (!) and it greatly affects acne!I’m telling this from personal experience,my skin COMPLETLY cleaned off as soon as I cut dairy. Of course you have to make sure to still take in your bitamin B12 (hence the vegan alternatives,they are fortified with it), vitamin D through sun exposure and calcium through plant food (the alternatives I talked about are usually enriched with Calcium as well). Lastly try to stay away from wheat and sugar (that’s why chocolate causes acne..It’s not the food itself but the sugar!) . 🙂
      Spiriment tea is also known to help with hormonal acne 😉

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      1. Thanks Crystal ❤️
        Honestly, my skin changes its mind all the time about what irritates it. I’ve been treating my acne since I was 11 yrs old. Thankfully, much of the problem is behind me. I still have adult acne, but it’s not bad – like before. And I’ve learned to not let it bother me, and to laugh it off. (Like – omg I can’t believe I woke up with two pimples right in the middle of my forehead, what are the chances? *sigh* Such is life!). But I do treat it, of course. The humor comes in when I have to accept the fact that despite all of my efforts, I’m still going to have pimples pop up (hopefully with a few weeks of clear skin in between).

        Liked by 3 people

  2. Wow ! Really usefull! 😀
    But I’d Iike to ask…how did you manage to sleep with HONEY on your face without waking up a complete sticky mess o.o ? XD

    Liked by 3 people

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