PH Trivia!!!


So, awhile ago, I mentioned an upcoming trivia post!

I decided to make something more permanent, like a page!!!

Pixie Hollow — Trivia Edition!!!

  • Pixie Hollow officially opened, after five previews, on September 20, 2008 (a coincidence with it’s closing date? I think not!).
  • PH was developed by Silver Tree Media and Schell Games.
  • The Silver Trees Wilderness is named after one of its developing companies!
  • Pixie Hollow has only had two logos. They canned the first one on June 11, 2008.
  • The fairy that appeared on the New Members button is Rosetta!
  • There are a total of nine retired pixie names. The names are Ash, Cherry, Lady, Pula, Grape, hopper, noodle, and wit for fairies, and Far for sparrow men.
  • The first Pixie Postings was posted on September 4, 2008, and looked a lot different than it does now!
  • There are a total of 21 faces in the Pixie Hollow Dictionary!
  • There are 1,157,625 possible combinations of party names!!!!! That’s a lot!
  • Pixie Hollow had an extensive Ingredient Guide that listed where to find them, where to earn them, and their rarity!
  • There were a total of ten animated seasonal emotes!
  • Dulcie’s Kitchen was the only crafting nook without the word ‘nook’ in the title!
  • In September 2012, Pixie Hollow retired three dye shops, moving all their merchandise into Daisy’s Dyes!
  • Two of those shop owners were never seen again (Colette & Sunny)!
  • If, while playing Harvest Hustle, you get three or more rocks touching, you can click on them and they’ll all disappear!
  • The last name on the Pixie Post Office postal box is Barrie, a reference to the author of Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie.
  • Fairy Tale Theatre has only had 18 different plays!
  • When you sat down at a table in the Tearoom, it would automatically show food. The more fairies that sat down, the more food!
  • The lights in the Ballroom are made of shells!
  • The only time you ever visit the Home Tree is during your talent selection ceremony!
  • There are 753 Pixie Hollow badges!
  • Copper is the only main-talent fairy with a crafting nook!
  • Before September 2009, your map of Pixie Hollow was kept in your Leaf Journal!
  • Treetop Bend was once a lot bigger than it is now! It was resized to be smaller!
  • Pixie Hollow had its own official Code of Conduct!
  • You know those numbers on the side of the Pixie Post Office (12-27-4)? Those stand for the opening date of Peter Pan (12/27/1904)!


Hey, where’s the rest of this page???

We’re tinkering away!!!


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