Aging Potions

Many Clumsies spend half their lives chasing a miraculous “fountain of youth” cure. To Clumsies, growing old is a curse that they should try to conceal or reverse. It is not the same amongst the Never Fairies. I suppose it might be different, if they all grew up or grew old. As it happens, only a small fraction of Never Fairies ever get to experience aging at all, and they keep well out of sight.

Forbidden Children are pixies that did not Arrive in Pixie Hollow through an infant’s first laugh, but were born as infants themselves. These pixies age much like Clumsies do, living as children, then teenagers, and then adults. For many years, as long as the oldest pixies can remember, Forbidden Children were strictly, well, forbidden. So, the average fairy or sparrow man does not know much, if anything, about Forbidden Children.

A Forbidden Child’s true scope of powers can rarely be determined. They are usually too busy concealing their existence to see what they are capable of, though they may often find themselves accomplishing things that would be impossible to an Arrived pixie.

Not every Forbidden Child hides their whole life. For the years they appear as young adults, they can easily blend in with the main population of Pixie Hollow. And, as you know, they often do. How would you be able to tell an Arrived from a Forbidden Child, just by looking at them? You can’t, unless you notice a stray wrinkle or gray hair.

To remedy this, Forbidden Children can use potions that manipulate their physical age. This is not a very popular solution, as many Forbidden Children do not have access to the ingredients needed, or feel that the potions’ side effects are more dangerous than being discovered.

You can’t blame them. One of the most popular de-aging potions calls for both mermaid scales and the extremely potent Neverberry, along with a slew of other rare ingredients. And the side effects are no laughing matter either. Incorrect dosage can even cause Forbidden Children using a de-aging potion to revert back into a child. In this case, an aging potion would likely be used.

You didn’t think Forbidden Children were only interested in staying young, did you? No, to hide their true age and appearance, they will also use aging potions. Aging potions are most frequently used to age a preteen Forbidden Child up to the age where they could pass as an Arrived fairy or sparrow man.

This is not an easy feat, and isn’t without its own dangers. A de-aging potion is simple. Magical ingredients turn back the clock while your mind stays the same. Aging potions are a bit trickier than your average de-aging potion, however, especially when used on adolescent Forbidden pixies. When an aging potion is used on a Forbidden Child to get them to age up, it speeds up the many changes happening. Outwardly, it’s not that big of a deal. But inwardly? So many things can go wrong.