Worlize Not Closed?

Hiya, pixies.

If, right now, you were to go to Worlize.com, you would see Worlize!

Shocker, I know.

But how can that be? When you log in, an announcement pops up saying that Worlize is slated to close on the 22nd of January.


If my calendar is correct, it’s January 24, two days later.

So why is Worlize still open?

Well, yesterday, the old banner declaring Worlize’s closing was up again.

It included the link to the old survey about membership and whatnot.

That banner and link are gone today, though.

I think that the creators of Worlize are still reluctant to close it. They have put a lot of money, time, and hard work into it, after all. However, I think it is destined to close anyway. Since we are actually past the official “closing date”, Worlize could close any day now. This is a good opportunity to meet up with your friends and take some pictures one last time!


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