Four Pixie Blogs You Should Be Following

Whether their specialty is fashion, writing, or FairyABC, these blogs never disappoint.

Cottonpuff Chronicle

The Cottonpuff Chronicle is FairyABC’s unofficial newspaper. It’s owned and run by Toadstool, a good friend of mine. Toadstool uses her blog to keep readers updated on important FairyABC happenings like reports, milestones, and special events!

She also has a Youtube account, so you should follow her there too!

Dalila’s Diary

(Yes I’m promoting my sister’s blog whatcha gonna do about it)

Dalila’s Diary is a compilation of short stories, presented as entires in a fairy’s diary. Right now, Dalila and her friends are stuck in Neverland after the Closing of Pixie Hollow. I won’t say anymore, to avoid spoilers 😉

FairyABC Blog By Villiana

This blog is made by the friendly, talented, and all-around wonderful May Lovelymist. This blog keeps readers updated on updates, similar to Cottonpuff Chronicle. This blog also includes what I would call “life updates”. Follow them both!

Sophie Eveningflame, A Fashion Fairy

First thing’s first, this blog needs a shorter name or an abbreviation. Other than that, it’s pretty much perfect. The author, Misty, posts awesome fashions about once a month. This is a blog that won’t clog up your feed, but will provide quality content every time.


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