Seasonal Analysis: Summer Glade

Hello, everyfairy. Welcome to another episode of Pixie Hollow Mysteries.

If you’ve read some of my other Mysteries before, welcome back! If this is your first time exploring the untold Mysteries of Pixie Hollow with me, hello and good luck.

Summer Glade is a small season. It has three meadows, three talent games, four stores, and one Famous Fairy.

Summer Glade was the last seasonal area to be added to the game, being released in March 2009.

Interestingly, all of Summer Glades talent games (First Flight, Butterfly Painter, and Sunbeam Bend) are “new”. They were all introduced in or after 2010.

We’ll start with one of my favorite meadows (I’m sure you can guess why…*cough* party store *cough*)


 Most meadows’ length is longer than their width. Sunflower Gully is one of the few exceptions. I suppose this format was chosen to highlight the sunflowers in the background.

I’ve already spoken about Sunflower Gully, and how it’s actually backwards from how you see it on the map. My theory is boosted further by the sign pointing towards Cottonpuff Field.

Why, you ask? Wouldn’t this seem to disprove my theory? Well, that’s what anyfairy with an untrained eye would think!

If we’re seeing the front of Cottonpuff Field on the map, it doesn’t make sense for the sign to read Cottonpuff Field. It should really say Pumpkin Patch.

But, if we’re seeing the back of Sunflower Gully from the map (like I say we are), it makes sense that fairies and sparrow men would be able to follow the river to get to Cottonpuff Field!


Could the bounty of maple leaves in Havendish Stream by Cottonpuff Field’s harbor really be discarded boats??

You decide 😉

On to Neverfruit Grove!


Neverfruit Grove houses the Pixie Post Office and First Flight. These two attractions make it one of the most popular meadows in all of Pixie Hollow.

However, before the giant gilded mailbox and the flock of adorable baby birds made it a well-known attraction, this meadow was deceptively quiet. In fact, it’s only draw was a humble dye shop, run by a fairy named Sunny.

Sunny opened her small store on July 3, 2009, with big hopes for it. Business was going steady in 2010 when the birds of First Flight breezed in. First Flight drew customers for Sunny, and Sunny drew helpers for First Flight. However, in January 2012, a new store, the Pixie Post Office, opened in Neverfruit Grove, and less than eight months later, Sunny’s store closed, and she was never heard from again.

Could the Pixie Post Office have contributed to the closing of her shop, or were there other forces at play here?

I suppose we’ll never know…

Summer Glade’s final meadow is Palm Tree Cove.


Palm Tree Cove is home to Butterfly Painter, Schelly’s Salon, and Prism’s Pixie Spa, owned by the only fairy to survive the Dye-ening of 2012.

Schelly’s Salon is arguably one of the most-visited places in all of Pixie Hollow. With that being said, how in the world did Schelly have an upstairs that no one knew about for four years?? Is that where she lived??

Anyway, another interesting tidbit about Schelly’s Salon is…

It’s not actually Schelly’s Salon!

*Cue shocked gasps*

Yes, even though the sign outside reads “Schelly’s Hair Salon” the official name for the business is Schelly’s Shears. I guess not enough pixies knew what shears were, because the word “Shears” only stayed on the sign from August to October 2010.

Aside from Schelly’s Salo Shears, there isn’t much to do in Palm Tree Cove. It has the (in my opinion) worst talent game in all the Hollow, the portal to Mermaid Lagoon every Silly Week, and Schelly’s Salon Part 2: Electric Boogaloo Prism’s Pixie Spa.

The biggest mystery comes not from within the meadow, oh no, but from above!!


There’s a map of Pixie Hollow. Palm Tree Cove is in the bottom right corner.

Imagine you’re a fairy, standing in Palm Tree Cove. You turn to look at the water. According to the map, it should be right in front of you, and in the distance, you should be able to see a rocky formation.

However, from Palm Tree Cove, you see this:

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 11.02.31 PM.png

The water looks really far away from you, and there are palm trees and sand in between.

Well, you say, maybe the beach is just bigger for pixies.


Look at the Fly Up map again. You can just barely make out Butterfly Painter very close to the water.

That isn’t even the main mystery! It’s just the side-mystery!

The real mystery is, what is Palm Tree Cove the cove of??

There are a bajillion maps of Neverland, but the majority of them place Pixie Hollow smack dab between two mountain in the center of the island.

How in the world do you find a beach up there? Let alone with with such still waters as these!

I guess we’ll never know…

This has been Pixie Hollow Mysteries.


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