Deleted Scenes: Wool Ya Look At That?

Dalila's Diary

October 22, After Sunset

I gaze at the bright colors splashed across the sky. Gloria would’ve loved to see a sunset like this, even if she always brags about how her sunsets are the best, but my heart is heavy tonight.

Not only have Buttercup and I not found any cottonfluff, but my mind’s been stuck on the rest of the girls all day. I feel like I failed us all by not making us stick together, and I don’t know what to feel when it comes to Raven! A mix of guilt, frustration, and fear seems to have settled over me like a heavy storm cloud.

“Hey, Buttercup, d’you think we’re gonna find anything?” I ask, twisting around on my toadstool seat to look at her.

Buttercup doesn’t look up, continuing to color in sections of her map as she replies to me.

“I know just as much as…

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2 thoughts on “Deleted Scenes: Wool Ya Look At That?

  1. i think what pandora did was completely unfair. scarlet was hacked, the OP of the post obivously edited the images to look like she was saying those things. the fact that no further investigating was done really makes me think about some of the stats of the mod. i believe pandora should be reducted of her admin privilegas. i mean, they didnt check anything. atleast the OP of the post got banned. thats a start.

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