FABC: Winter Meadows!

Hiya, pixies!

Due to the latest update, there are a ton of new things added to the winter meadows of FairyABC!

For those of you that are newer to Pixie Hollow, the three winter meadows are Snowcap Glade, Evergreen Overlook, and Chilly Falls. I did a Pixie Hollow Mysteries segment on them a while back, if you want to read that.

On FairyABC, there’s a special meadow hidden in the snowy mountains, Winterhall (more commonly known as the Ice Palace), but it wasn’t an official, year-round meadow on Pixie Hollow Online.

Well, this newest update (or maybe the one before it, I can’t remember 😛 ) added falling snow to the winter meadows!!

One trick I noticed was this:

If you fly downwards, the snow falls slower, turning it into a pleasant-looking snowfall. If you fly any other direction, stop moving, or sit down, the snow turns into a fast-falling flurry!

And, the ingredients now match up with the meadows better! I found a bunch of pine needles and a berry while I explored today, when usually I would have found mainly oak leaves or flower petals.

While I’m on the subject of ingredients, you can now find ingredients inside Winterhall! I found a piece of spider silk just now, woohoo!!


Let me know what you think!

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