Flora-py Face Mask Review!


Hiya, pixies!

Tonight, I’ll be trying out this deep hydration sheet mask!

This will actually be my first sheet mask! Crazy, right?

I usually stick to jar, squeeze-tube, or single-use face masks, so this will be something new! 😀

The Directions:

  1. Open packet and remove both protective sheets from each side of the mask.
  2. Place mask on face and adjust as needed.
  3. Relax for 15-20 minutes
  4. Remove mask and allow remaining formula to soak into skin.

The Claims:

  1. …Provides and locks in nutrient rich moisture for healthy conditioned skin.
  2. …Fights free radicals while renewing, protecting, and energizing the skin.

Oh. My. Frogs.

First warning, DO NOT wear this mask at night. Someone will mistake you for a cannibal-vampire and attack you. If I saw myself wearing this mask at night, I’d probably attack me too.

This mask doesn’t feel as creepy as those dolphin-skin under-eye thingies, but they’re pretty close. It’s actually really relaxing, having this slippery skin mask covering your face. I bet this mask would be super relaxing if you put it in the fridge first.

One thing you don’t have to worry about with this mask is it being too dry. Some of the formula leaked out as I opened the bag, and there was enough left on the protective sheets to wipe my neck down with it. It smells sooo good, by the way.

About five minutes in, the mask is beginning to tear about around my chin. It’s still firmly stuck to my face, though.

This mask is also a little bit of a difficult fit. It pulls away from my face at the nose (so I don’t recommend this if you have a big nose, cuz mine is relatively small), and is smushed into my right eye. This sort of thing is to be expected in a sheet mask, though, because they can’t fit everyone.

20 minutes is up, time to peel it off!

Ooh. Peeling it off is such a weird sensation. Squishing the used mask in your hand is even weirder!!

My face is definitely feeling hydrated and cool. I still think the cooling sensation would have been even better if I’d put this mask in the fridge, but oh well 😛

This mask is actually surprisingly good. It’s probably good that I tried out this good sheet mask first, instead of getting a bad one that put me off of sheet masks forever 😛

The only flaw I can find about this product is not in the ingredients or the effects, but in the price and the frequency of use.

The company website recommends using it up to three times per week, at $8 a pop.

To get a better idea of the price of using this, I’ll say I use this mask twice a week and buy it in singles ($8 each) instead of a five-pack ($7.60 each). That’s $64 a month!!!!!

It’s even worse if I buy it in five-packs using it twice a week. Each five-pack is $38, and I’d have to order two to use two masks a week, which would have me spending $76 a month on these masks!!!

I don’t think this mask is something I’d incorporate into my regular beauty routine, regardless of price. It’s more like a little splurge you get for yourself a few times a year, not something you use thrice a week.


First Impression: A great cooling sensation combined with an awesome scent!

Lasting Impression: Oh, boy. While this is a great once-in-a-while splurge, don’t try to make this a weekly thing, your wallet will regret it!

Would I Buy It: Maybe, but not from the company website.

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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