FairyABC: Banning Resolution (Sort of)

So, I did finally find out why I was banned.

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 10.29.46 AM.png

According to this banning announcement, it was because I was:

“Bullying a member bad mouthing staff for doing their job, causing trouble by getting other members to revolt”

Oh really? How was I bad-mouthing staff members when I was muted? The only place I could have done something was on the chat. Which is, funnily, outside of FairyABC, and outside of their jurisdiction.

And, another really funny thing, this “Emily Tulipshadow” girl?

Yeah, she’s Breezy.

So, it looks like Breezy’s not done harassing me.

Anyway, that’s not the main point of this.

The main point is that I found out why I was banned, and I was issued a formal “apology”.

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 10.35.23 AM.png

Really, guys? You muted me (and removed forum permissions, which no one has mentioned) before reviewing evidence to see if it had “enough ground to stand”? And there was no mention of my ban.

Am I supposed to be thankful you finally looked it over and realized one of your admins was acting up unfairly?

No, I am not. All my threads and activities are gone (including my Thanksgiving Quest Entry), all because you guys messed up and acted to fast without caring about the consequences.

Perhaps this will be a lesson to the FABC staff to get their stuff together and to decide punishments based on evidence, not how much the supposed victim cries at you.


7 thoughts on “FairyABC: Banning Resolution (Sort of)

  1. hey raven its me cranberry frozenweather. i just want to say this sucks. the fact that this ‘breezy’ girl got away scott free is making me cringe. i mean shes bullying u! did u report her? i feel like fairysbc is going downhill. are u ever getting u account back? it shouldve been breezy that would get banned, not you. i wish the best for u. they should get new mods. dawn has a thing for banning people for no reason, from what ive seen. 😫

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  2. From what I’ve gathered, I think the main issue with FairyABC is that there are inexperienced teens trying to fulfill the moderator positions, and they have a difficult time making unbiased decisions. I agree that set rules and guidelines need to be implemented for consistency and quality control.

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