My Entry To…

FairyABC’s Thanksgiving 2016 Quest-Writing Competition!

So, this entry is a bit different than all the entries I’ve showed you guys before.

It’s actually a piece of writing, not artwork or an edit!!

Here it is!

Quest Name: Help Fawn Prepare For The Fairy Feast!

Quest Description: Fawn needs help getting everything ready for this year’s Fairy Feast. Will you help her out?

Quest Giver: Fawn

Fawn: Hey there, chickadee! I’m really busy working on the Fairy Feast, so we can’t sing baby animals to sleep together right now. Actually, while you’re here, could you help me out? I want to make this year’s feast better than ever!

*Quest accepted*

Fawn: Thank you so much, *pixie name*! This year, I want to make some maple acorn cookies to go on the feast table, but I need ingredients to make them! Can you gather them for me?

— Collect 10 Acorns

— Collect 5 Maple Leaves

Fawn: Wow, chickadee! That was fast! I’ll get to baking those cookies right away! While I’m doing that, would you mind gathering up some blueberries and raspberries for very berry punch? I want pixies to have something to drink with their cookies!

— Collect 5 Blueberries

— Collect 5 Raspberries

Fawn: Thanks, *pixie name*! I finished baking the cookies, and I’ll start making the punch right away! I just have one more thing I need you to do…the feast table needs to be set, and we’re all out of napkins! Could you go searching for daisy petals and spiderweb silk to make some?

— Collect 5 Daisy Petals

— Collect 10 Spiderweb Silk

Fawn: Oh, thank you, *pixie name*! The punch has been made, the cookies have been baked, and there will be enough napkins for everyone! This year’s feast is going to be flitterific! For helping me, please take this:

*Quest Award*

Got a good idea for a quest?

Enter it here by midnight on November 20 for a chance to earn up to 200 pixie diamonds!!


Let me know what you think!

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