Dal’s Diary: Raven?!

Dalila's Diary

September 18, Afternoon

Hello, diary. You would not believe who I just saw! And you wouldn’t believe what she told me, either!

Well, I was just sitting in Havendish Square, watching the construction-talents get the podium ready for tomorrow, and I got knocked right off my bench by a red blur!!

It was Raven! I grabbed on to her to try to stop myself from hitting the sawdust-covered ground when I caught a look at her face. I managed to keep her from running off, and I tried to apologize, but…

As soon as I’d gotten us both upright again, Raven dragged me over to the stone bridge that leads to Springtime Orchard. Once we’d stopped moving, I launched into my explanation of what the rest of the girls and I were planning to do. I invited her to come along with us, and then waited for her answer with bated breath.

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