Breezy, Julie, And The Pixie Chat

Hello, pixies.

I’m doing something I probably should have done a long time ago.

If you saw Rose’s post, you know that Breezy and her friends have now ‘taken control’ of the Pixie Chat. But, you do not know the full story.

(Swearing, bullying, and a whole lot of bystander effect)

The full story begins a long, long time ago.

Three years, actually.

Three years ago, Dalila and I flew onto Worlize, excited to check out one of the remakes we’d heard about. We were so young back then, it makes me laugh at how silly we were. I must have been just scraping 11, and Dal was eight or nine.

In Acorn Summit, we met Gwyn, who introduced us to a whole new world of fairy friends. It seemed like we’d found a new place to be ourselves after Pixie Hollow’s closing.

Sadly, it wouldn’t last long.

A few months later, Seastorm (on an alternate account) accused Dalila of calling her a bitch and telling her to “go kill herself”.

Because Dal couldn’t be considered a tween at the time, and Magic Cookie (the alternate account) couldn’t procure screenshots of the actual event, I got pissed.

The group of girls were consoling Cookie and insulting Dal, even going so far as to insinuate that DALILA should kill or harm herself.

I was madder than a hornet’s nest on fire.

So, yes, I went off at them. Names were called, insults shot off, and, after everything, neither one of us came out unscathed. Dalila logged out of her account and felt too ashamed to show her face that she didn’t log in again for years.

Now friendless and alone, I moved on to other things.

One day, a girl named Tentacle Therapist stumbled into my life. With her came silly jokes, impromptu parties, and it seemed like a stray ray of sunshine had decided to shine into my life.

Tentacle was, admittedly, a little rough around the edges, but she was my friend.

Unfortunately, it seemed like I couldn’t even have that.

For reasons I did not know, Tentacle did not like the Worlize Pixie Hollow community. I can’t say I blame her, of course, with the experiences I had had with them.

But, when Tentacle said she wanted to go after Gwyn for using copyrighted materials without giving proper credit, I jumped at the chance.

Who wouldn’t want revenge on someone who had caused their best friend to exile themselves?

Tentacle, her friend Seven-Foot Lizard and myself went after Gwyn, eventually getting a written agreement that she would not use copyrighted materials without getting permission, and would not claim the edits she made with said materials as entirely her own (as she had been doing).

Of course, Gwyn told everyone in the Pixie Hollow community what Tentacle, Lizard, and I had done, branding us as “hackers”.

What makes a hacker?

The dictionary calls it:

“Any person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data.”

Does the above make us “super skillz hacker girlz”? To the WPHC, it apparently did.

I’ll skip over the little stuff to the mess that is Julie’s relationship with me.

Insignificant skirmishes, small arguments, and run-ins with the WPHC led to them telling new ‘recruits’ about me.

I greeted their terrified ‘Are you gonna hackz me too?’s with a sarcastic remark about my reputation preceding me.

Apparently, one of those new recruits was Julie Tulipblossom.

For some reason, she and Harmony took a particular hating to me.

I didn’t know who the frogs they were, and didn’t particularly care enough to find out. They had made it painfully clear they didn’t like me, so why should I bother with them?

Well, they made me have to bother with them.

Not so slowly, but surely, they began turning other pixies (the ones I could stand to be around without starting an argument over their many lies) against me.

Rosofe, Flame, and Galaxy were the biggest. They put up warnings in their homes to mute and ban me on sight, and frequently sought me out to insult me.

Examples below:

Rosofe, a previously sweet girl


I tried to take it all in stride. After all, I had Tentacle and Lizard to back me up! They were some of the best friends I’ve ever had.

Then, along came Baby Peanut, a newbie whose hate of me had been nurtured by the WPHC.

I’d like to clarify, at this point, I didn’t know who the heck these people were. They hadn’t been around when Dal had been shunned, and they hadn’t been there when we’d confronted Gwyn about copyright.

Baby Peanut is one of the worst people I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. Don’t let my calm manner fool you, even the mention of her name gets my blood boiling.

Some of the things she did:

  • Be extremely racist to me
  • Tell Tentacle Therapist, my very good friend, to “get raped”
  • Turn my other friends against me

But, after all this, she was welcomed with open arms to the WPHC, again and again.

This really made me mad. Why did this girl, awful and horrible as she was, get to be their friend? Was I worse than her in their eyes?

Baby Peanut is one of the few people I’ll admit Tentacle actually ‘hacked’. She IP banned her, accessed the details to her account, and shared the chat logs with the WPHC.

I always rose up to defend Tentacle. Baby Peanut was on of the few people that Tentacle didn’t actually want to argue with. Being told to “get raped” does that to people.

Let’s skip forward to Harmony and Julie joining the Pixie Chat, shall we?


Harmony apologized, and Julie badmouthed me to Nyla.

I didn’t and wouldn’t have forgiven either of them, but I could try this whole ‘redemption’ thing, right?

This is from Julie’s first day on the Pixie Chat:

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 9.09.56 PM.png

I took the high road and didn’t bring up our unfortunate and entangled past. I could have, and definitely wanted to, but I decided I didn’t want to stir up trouble.

Well, Julie and Harmony didn’t have to have qualms about stirring up trouble at all!

Whether it was being extremely crude and insulting a non-existent overweight woman, swearing non-stop, or adding their other vulgar and crude friends to the chat, nobody seemed to stop them.

Julie could leave and re-enter the chat thrice a week! Harmony could swear and swear and swear!

Speaking of vulgar and crude, Breezy enters the scene at this time.

Breezy, Breezy, Breezy.

What should we do about her?

Well, let me give you a bit of insight into her character.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not only this, but she happened to have to unfortunate habit of screenshotting everything I said and sending it to Julie.

I decided I would try to reduce stress as much as possible (I did have a motherfrogging STROKE, in case anyone forgot) by ignoring them completely.

Harmony had been removed from the chat at this point (though Angie immediately put her back in, directly undermining my authority, we got her removed, a minor victory) for this image:

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 11.03.45 AM.png

This is a whole nother story in itself, but here’s a summary:

I snapped. They sent awful messages to me privately, and pixies told me to “ignore it”. I did not ignore them, but sent equally awful messages back. I’m sure Breezy, Julie, and Harmony will bring these up later, so I’m admitting to it now.

Am I ashamed of what I said? Not really. Should I not have said it? Probably, but they shouldn’t have started it. Would I do it again? Oh, frogs yes. It felt so good. So good.

This didn’t work well either! Ignoring them made them insult me more!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Damned if I do, double-damned if I don’t, apparently.

And, what did the lovely pixies of the chat do as I was being openly bullied and harassed?


Try to convince me to talk to her!

Wow, you guys are the greatest! Trying to force me to speak with someone I loathe with the very depths of my soul? Guess who wins the friendship of the year award??

After dramatic exit number eight, Julie got added to the chat again!

Then, Faye discovered who had reported Harmony/Orchid Magicheart (my good friend, not bad Harmony).

It. Was. Breezy.

Or, as Breezy revealed, one of her friends had reported her, on their account.

Can you guess who??

Well, let’s look over the clues:

Reported her for a statement she knows was out of context.

Knows Harmony/Orchid is my very good friend

Is super-duper petty.

All clues point to…


Naturally, I was ticked off to the nth degree.

Here’s a few screenshots of the events that followed:


These blatant threats towards me were pretty much ignored by Rose and the rest of the pixies on the chat, but I’ll get into that later. Very much into it.

I practically have to beg for Rose to remove them from the chat.

I have to explain why I want to ban people who are blatantly threatening me.


I don’t know. Am I not trustworthy?

Rose even went so far as to say “Julie hasn’t done anything in a while.”

Well, take a gander at the screenshots above. Funny thing is, Rose was present for most of these! Apparently, it takes me begging and pleading to get something done around here.

Unwisely, Rose gave them 12 hours to say goodbye.

I’m going to sound bitter, but I really am.

That was a stupid thing to do. How come they get 12 hours to say goodbye? They’ve had weeks and weeks of “Yell at Raven and Get Out of Jail Free” cards. That’s for later in this post, though.

Long story short, Julie left right away and Breezy got her friends on the chat, removed the rest of the pixies, and I could’ve told you so.

Now, Breezy is demanding that I get removed if they want the chat back, claiming I ‘harassed’ her, and other vile, vile things.

And who is to blame for this?

All of the members of the Pixie Chat who stood by and watched as I was repeatedly bullied and harassed.

That includes the people reading this.

I told you I had a history with Julie and Harmony. You didn’t listen. You let them get away with anything. You gave them too many chances. You didn’t consider how it made me feel.

So, let me tell you how it made me feel.

It made me feel worthless. Why were they held over me? If I’d done half these things, I would have been out of there in a second.

It made me feel less than. If they’d done this to Phoebe, they wouldn’t have had the chance to do this twice.

It made my blood boil every time they insulted me or attacked my friends.

It made me shake with anger and shock as pixies laughed it off and forgave them.

It made me cry, hopeless, angry tears.

Right now, I am stranded in a cabin in the woods, waiting out a storm that will probably knock out our power. My stomach is turning so badly from anger and rejection I threw up.

I’ve had to give the rootbeer float I made for myself to my sister, Dalila. Oh, that’s right. Dalila Pineforest is my sister. She’s stood up for me in the Pixie Chat when no one else, not a single person, has.

So, I’d like you, the bystanders, to feel ashamed. I’d like for you to feel as awful as I do, because you let this happen. You didn’t stand up for me, you didn’t speak up, you didn’t do anything until I begged you to, and now it’s too late.

Yes, Breezy, Julie, and Harmony started this, but you finished it.


64 thoughts on “Breezy, Julie, And The Pixie Chat

  1. Oh, Raven.
    I’m so sorry. I’m not on the Pixie Chat very often, but I should have seen that what they were doing was unacceptable. You vented to me a couple times, but I feel like I didn’t do enough.
    Reading this made me feel sick to my stomach. I’m so, so, sorry you had to endure this. Why would pixies try to make you apologize to these absolute sickos in the first place?
    I’m sad the Pixie Chat is probably commandeered forever, but you did tell them so! I’m sorry we (including me) didn’t listen to you.

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  2. Well, I can assure you I feel terrible about everything that’s happened – It’s good that you have such a supportive sister. I learnt an important lesson from this; that some people will never change, and that sometimes it is right to take sides instead of trying to make everyone happy, because it doesn’t end well… It was stupid of me to think that you were okay throughout all this and to give Julie and Breezy all those second chances. :/

    I guess that’s the problem with online – unless someone actually tells you, you don’t know how they’re reacting or what they’re feeling… I probably could of asked the simple question of ‘are you okay’ on a lot of occasions but I didn’t, and that was stupid of me. I know I’ve apologised so many times today but I’m going to say it again: I really am, truly sorry about what has happened. This whole thing became one huge mess that could have been avoided so easily, and you’ve been caught up in it and hurt the most – I hope, for your sake, the worst of it is over now, and that things will get better for you from this point on. No matter what you think of me, you’ll always be one of the best friends I had in my life, both online and off. ❤

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  3. I’m so sorry. I didn’t want to ban people forever without giving them a chance. I shouldn’t have added Julie back. I wasn’t on the Pixie Chat while the thing with Breezy happened, but that’s no excuse for me not trying to do anything sooner.

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  4. Hey Raven….

    Reading this makes me feel bad because I actually have a good understanding with Harmony and Breezy. I’ve even talked to Harmony via Skype once and know her real name. I think what got us close isn’t Pixie Hollow but a show we both love – Miraculous Ladybug.
    Anyways, I know she has issues, that even I at times can’t tolerate and whenever we’re hanging out in the Hollow I tell her to chill out, to not offend people and to remember it’s supposed to be a KID-FRIENDLY game.

    As for Breezy, I have an understanding with her too. She’s cool to me, but hurting you…It’s not gonna make me stop talking to her but it does make me angry.
    I know I probably sound like a backstabber right now for still hanging with them but I’m not on their side for harassing and insulting you and anyfairy else.

    And if any of the two of you read this I’m very sorry but I had to speak up.
    Yes, I am angry at you both and you both know that but I won’t stop being your friend around the community and the game because somehow deep down I know you’re not lost causes and I really hope that some day you’re gonna realize what you’ve done. Even though you sometimes mean for things you say to be jokes remember in chats people can’t tell the difference. They can’t tell when you say lmao for instance if you’re laughing for real or not.
    I personally made a mistake like this once and for that I nearly lost a friend. It took me days to convince her I was not laughing at her current situation – which was her parents arguing while she was trying to find comfort in our group chat – but rather I completely understood her situation and with the lmao I meant ‘again? -_-” . But could she or anyone else tell this by just reading it and knowing what it means? I don’t think so, so please remember you can’t be making jokes with ‘kill yourself’ or something similar and expect people to not take them seriously.

    – I love you Rawrven and keep raving on!

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    1. Yes, Angie, you do sound like a backstabber to me. I’m sad that continuous bullying and threats to one of your (supposed) friends does not make you angry enough to stop talking to the bully. To imply, on a post that shows years of awful behavior, that they are not lost causes, is….I don’t have words for it.
      Please, read this post again. Tell me which pictures you think were meant to be “jokes”, because none of this, not a single bit of it, was a funny or happy experience for me.

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      1. I know that I’m just …. Look I’m just too much of an optimist and I honestly didn’t want to stop being Breezy’s friend up until this point..But if she seriously continues to ignore me trying to help then I guess we’re done. And of course I don’t stand with her for her behavior and actions towards you or anypixie else for that matter. I stand against it as I said I’m really really angry that this is all getting thrown at you – I tried to get to her and make her understand what she’s done but it’s too late, I think you’re right there’s nothing left to save.

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      2. Also she’s not a friend to me anymore. I do say she is because there’s really no other word that has the meaning of a lower title than a friend – maybe a close aquaintance but … And I most certainly am not a backstabber you know that. I know you’ve known me for a short amount of time but I’ve never been bad to you or been mean to you or have insulted you – sure I disobeyed you decision when you kicked Harmony out but then I eventually realized it was fine and she was fine with it so I apologized and I apologize If I’ve ever seemed mean or bully-like to you that has certainly never been my intention.

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        1. Woah there,how is Angie a “backstabber” for supporting you Raven and feeling for you,but she just wants to be right towards everyone? What I mean is that if she suddenly abandoned Breezy and Harmony and whoever else because of this she would be a “backstabber” to those people as well.Please try to get in her shoes as well,she’s in a tought spot here.It’s like when your two best friends are fighting and you’re feeling lost not knowing what to do.So please don’t take her worng,we’re all supporting you here,and we all do love you and ARE your actual friends -unless you think otherwise- . But as does Angie,in the same way ,I’d like to hear their side of the story (as much as possible,I mean they did act awfully) before deciding what to do.
          Please understand and try to calm down ❤

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    2. I am only going to say this once, because I do not like to be involved in drama; but this is very important.

      Sometimes all ties need to be completely severed with some people. Even if you are able to identify certain good qualities in the person – abusive behavior cannot be tolerated. In fact, one of the characteristics of a psychopath is to be very charming and pleasant only to reel you in; the truth is, however, it is all fake. Their only real goal is to manipulate and cause pain for their own pleasure. I am not calling anyone here a psychopath (that is a medical diagnosis) but I am identifying manipulative, abusive, and attention-seeking behavior.

      I just want to share these things because … the need to completely sever some relationships is a lesson that our friend Rose has just learned, very painfully. I understand wanting to be nice and give people second chances; but I am a little older than most of you and have seen some things.

      I speak from personal experience.

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      1. I don’t want to cause anyone alarm or misguide anyone … forgiveness is perhaps the most beautiful and important virtue to have. But being forgiving does not entail subjecting yourself or your friends to continuous abuse. If second chances have failed to work, then the relationship needs to be ended completely.

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      2. Snow I’m just a couple years younger than you and trust me I’ve been through stuff like this myself. I really hate that Raven has to be the only one they point their insults to and I wish that I could seriously do something about it. I tried reaching for Breezy but there’s no bottom in that well, there’s no spark left that I can relight so she could see what she’s done. She does seem nice and what you’re saying is really true – honestly I don’t believe she’s a phsycopath even though all in all everything points to that, but she is rather a tween or a teen who doesn’t know how to express herself properly and all she knows is to insult and make others feel bad when she doesn’t get what she wants. I’ll still talk to her more or less but I’m with you all on this one.

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          1. Allow me to clarify – I am not nor would I ever call someone a psychopath without being 100% certain that they had been medically diagnosed. ESPECIALLY not a young teenager. Good heavens no.
            I was using an example from my personal life experience.

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            1. I agree with all of the above but I’d like to add to all of this,that although some people do never change before confirming that and deciding to “reject ” them we should at least hear them out,otherwise we’re treating them as hatefully as they treated Raven .Imo at least .Because I strongly believe that every person irl deals with problems we have no idea of ,and although that is no excuse to cause a chaos and hate on others,it kind of explains their behaviour.I just think we should fight with LOVE and not HATE

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  5. Really? You try to seem all “evil” and “cool” by threatening people and you literally said you would be buried with your victims. You don’t even realize that people are angry at you. What you did was unacceptable and childish. I hope you someday gain enough intelligence so you can understand other people’s point of views.


    1. Thank you, Breezy/Julie/Harmony. I do think I’m quite cool. I do realize you’re angry at me (this comment is quite the hint, actually). Unacceptable and childish? I would like you to re-read this post and look at the proof I presented of your wrongdoings. I hope you someday gain enough bravery to comment non-anonymously on a post calling you out 🙂

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      1. Look at yourself before you judge others on their wrongdoings. What they did was defending themselves, while you make it look like they’re bullying you. You know that I’m telling the truth, you’re too immature to realize it. Stop trying to play the victim.


                1. I know what happened. Raven attacked Breezy first, because she didn’t foolishly give out her anonymous friend’s name who reported her (which would probably end up in a loss of friendship). Raven, like the professional victim she is, pretends she’s been bullied. Don’t you get it, sad little white knights, that Raven is creating drama then playing victim? Or are you both blockheads?


                    1. I know what happened. And that doesn’t mean I’m them.
                      Maybe other people aren’t the problem, maybe it’s you.


                    2. 1. You’re complaining about others being immature when you just said
                      “*Wink wink* I totally *Air quotes* believe that!”?
                      2. You whine about not me not being brave yet you’re disabling replies, honestly youre just a coward.


  6. SHOTS FIRED. You go girl! Roast em(: By the way, when we get ‘mad’ at each other on the Pixie Chat, just know that I’m always joking around and don’t actually mean things like the Harry Potter guy sucks or whatever, I’m your buddy, buddy.

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  7. Let’s start my comment off with an angry rant meme of sorts before I actually get serious.

    tfw you had no idea that this was happening because you always arrived late af on the chat and had it muted because of the multiple notifications so you didn’t witness this bs until it happened-

    Rant meme over.

    This whole trainwreck started with me, didn’t it. I was the one who suggested that Julie join the Pixie Chat, and added her in. I was the one that tried to figure out what was going on in the beginning between you and Julie.

    I was the one that quit when the drama got too hectic and shut off my notifications.

    I took a really stupid, cowardly way out of the chat and the drama. I left and pretended not to exist until I was certain that the “problem” pixies were gone.

    I am so tired and sick of everything that happened. Truthfully, I’m, thinking of quitting this community, just temporarily, until I can find what originally made everyone join as a group together, the love for Pixie Hollow. Not the (excuse my language) fucking drama that this chat and community has become.

    I have a very long history with Julie as well, though it’s been mostly friendly. To be honest, I never got to see either side of the story. Julie bad-mouthed you, but you always seemed so kind. On the other hand, Julie is also a pretty nice girl, at least to me, so I didn’t understand why she thought you were such a horrible person.

    I’d love to talk more, but I’m in the middle of homework and I’ve been having a stressful life lately.


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    1. I felt the same for a while – I was seriously considering temporarily leaving the PBC after this whole drama because all of our original motives and friendships seemed to have been lost, just over a fight. I love this place because usually everyone’s so positive and full of energy, and that temporarily went out the window.

      Things are kind of back to normal now, and I really love blogging, so (obviously) I decided not to leave.

      Also, please don’t beat yourself up. Julie and Breezy made their own decisions. I was a pretty sucky friend when it came to this too…. It’s not your fault. ❤

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      1. I understand how you guys are feeling,but quitting is not the way to go here,quite the opposite,although it’s the hardest path to take.I’m also friends with Harmony,but I had no idea of all this because I wasnt that much on the chat.Personally I’d like to ask her about her side of the story before jumping to conclutions.I think maybe the reason why Julie and Raven hated each other is not because either of the two is a bad person.I think they just misunderstood each other so horribly,and then failed to talk it over and actually solve their differences.Personally I think this is all due to the disadvantages of this type of communication.And then all the misunderstandings lead to all those horrible and childish behaviours.Sighh I dont even know anymore

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  8. Okay…so let’s take this one by one…I just logged in after a loong time due to personal matters only to find out through Angie about all the drama that has been going on. I don’t get it,why do we have to hate against each other,and bully other members of the community ?And for silly and absolutly,CHILDISH reasons too.
    What I take out of all this is that all parts/sides are on the wrong here.Raven,I appreciate you very much so I’m incerdebly saddened by what you experienced,and those girls did treated you in an unacceptable manner.But -please don’t take this the wrong way,I’m not taking their side by any means,in fact I’m not gonna take exactly anyone’s side on this- I feel like you didn’t really try to actually talk this out with them.And please don’t be mad at Phoebe and the others for trying to make you reconsile with them.They DO actually deserve a “friends of the year” prize,for that is what any true friend would have done.It would be easier for them to just let you fight with them just to be “on your side” and please you.But if they really wanted you to be happy they would have wanted you to actually deal with all the negativity and get rid of it for good.Anyhow,there’s too many things to be said to say them here,and this is a huge issue to be adressed,and that MUST be adresses AS WE SPEAK.
    So expect my reply to all of this in a different way.You will know when it’s time.
    Again I’m suddened to see this side of our community,which I regarded as one of the most loving ones on the internet.Very sorry this happened to all of you,all of us.
    I send you all my love ,let’s fight the drakness in our community united and let’s talk things out ❤

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    1. Just in case this comment is misunderstodd btw, I’m absolutly don’t accept or tolerate how those girls acted,but I think that if we just block them off without even hearing a bit of their side of the story (although there is proof of their bad behaviour) it would be equally unfair and hatefull as what we did.I mean it’s just SO EASY to misunderstand people online.And it’s so hard to talk it out with them afterwars exactly because of the lack of real communication 😦

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  9. Hey raven we need to talk. I have to admit and confess yes ive done some awful things in the past and yes i’ve made mistakes over and over calling myself savage for it because i actually felt depressed for my decisions that i have poorly made. I see you made something without comfirmation i see that you feel like your bullied or misunderstood and your fed up. I have nothing to do with the pixie chat incident what so ever yes we have bad history together but i would like to explain my reasoning to you. Breezy yes has some..issues with her control of pranks and some are too serious what she did to your pixie chat. It isnt funny or hilarious it was devious and deciteful and i deeply apologize. Breezy has even turned Julie against me telling lies about me and also nonstop awful behavior. Although she is my friend and i forgive her because nobody is perfect. But i’ve had the last straw with her but besides that i just want to sort things out and get along i mean what i said was unreasonable and very explicit. I dont like the fact that you think I would do this when i have no reasoning with the pixie chat and cannot get access to it or even want to, But i assure you raven even though right now were not at our best stage i still support you because i still accept you as my friend. And i actually did try to stop julie from insulting you on the pixie chat because there was no reason to insult you. This blaming me without getting facts right is very understandable knowing you wont talk to people that you think will cause you truble and when i read this post over and over the more i think to myself. This generation of human beings has become something of nonhumanity. we’ve actually come to a point where we have lost our minds. For the loss of the pixie chat i again apologize as we all know i was once apart of the community and i wish no harm or drama towards you raven have a nice day,
    Thank You.

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    1. Well, Harmony, you are not MY friend. You think I’m blaming you “without getting facts right”? I’ve clearly stated that you were not in the chat when it was commandeered. And no, Harmony, this generation of human beings has NOT become “something of nonhumanity”. You have all been what many would call massive, incurable bitches.


      1. I dont care whether you accept as a friend or not the point is you didnt even try to reason with me before getting this out and as well as saying i was “Orchid magicheart” is invalid i dont know who this orchid is but i assure you it is not me and for you to say incurable is also incorrect you actually think i care i dont mean to cause drama but i just wanted to talk and if you dont i understand completely but this tension has to go i already let go of this because i knew if i dwelled on it something even worse might happen. something of non humanity meaning “no reason than can be discussed with bullshit like this” i really dont want to argue with you again sorry for your incurable behaviour and stubborness. im just trying to clear my name because childrens parents literally started to email me saying i was a cyber bully for taking their chat kids crying over the fact that their chat is gone so you rethink that i want you to reread your post over and over until you get a clue. sorry we couldnt work this out raven. i support you and all and its YOUR blog which i have no control of. But yeah sorry if i have offended you in either way? just came to clear my name? thanks for respondng though. But i wish you wouldnt have called me a bitch cause now something else has started hallejuah! ._.


          1. Yo chill out Raven, I dont know that much about what has happened between you guys,but it takes a lot of guts for someone to gather up their courage ,admit their mistakes and apologise.Even if you’re mad at her that’s not a nice way to handle this.And honestly this is not the Raven I know.Cause the Raven I know has an open heart,and this is not speaking with an open heart here.Yes you’re mad at her.But still,can’t you see she’s trying? 😦

            Come on you guys,you’re better than this!

            Liked by 2 people

            1. Crystal, I would like to take this moment to remind you, in the kindest way I can, that you are not my mother. You have no right to tell me who I should apologize to or how I should handle this situation at all. I don’t care how open you think my heart is. I have not and WILL NOT forgive them. She is not trying to make amends, she is trying to make herself look better. And don’t ever, EVER, tell me I am ‘not the Raven’ you know. If you knew me, you would have defended me, in this post or the Pixie Chat itself.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. No actually you should take a minit to realise that : A) I’m here to support you unless you cant already tell?Otherwise why would I take precious moments out of my very little time to come here and try to help you sort things out?You think I like drama?Hell no.
                B) I havent been online in the chat,and had NO IDEA this was even happening until Angie told me!How was I supposed to know and come there to help you out?Last time I checked I didnt have any psychic powers.Had I been online at the time NEEDLESS TO SAY I would have defended you.From the little that you know me,you should already know that I absolutly DESPISE bullying.
                C) I don’t see how I’m trying to “be your mother” . Do you see anywhere on my comment me saying “You should do this or that cause I said so” ? Let me answer for you NO. I simply stated my opinion in a failed attempt to bring a bit of peace in this comment section AND ACTUALLY help you out.I don’t see how increasing the drama by attacking people I don’t know would help you.Instead I can see how releaving yourself from the stress of fighting and drama would help you.And I find that If I want to be called your friend that would be the right thing to do.And it is.
                You’re currently under a complicated sentimental state so it’s only human you can’t see things clearly.But I can ,cause I’m able to see things from an outsider’s perspective.

                And lastly,Harmony is actually trying to apologise to you.I know that because before she posted this comment I talked to her about this whole thing.Heck I even have screenshots to prove that.

                Now,obviously you don’t want my help.So I apologise.I did actually involve myself in this wayyy more than I should have because I felt really sad seeing the community break apart like this (and I dont mean just you and Julie or whoever) .But this is your case to handle,your life,your blog your call.It was my mistake to meddle into your affairs,you’re absolutly right.So don’t worry I’m outa here.

                Only……… please try to not upset your health too much (both mental and physical) ,I’m seriously worried about you.


  10. Raven, I did not even realize this happened 3 years ago… I hope this clears it up. I feel like the thing you thought I did was just a big misunderstanding. I would never ever try to falsely accuse someone of something. Did Magic Cookie say they were me or did someone tell you they were me? Because many people pose as me to try to make me seem awful and frame me for doing horrible things…And I understand why you would think it was me because people have too tricked me that they were someone else. Please know I would never ever try to hurt you guys ever. Please hear me out, I think the Magic Cookie person 3 years ago was a slanderer deliberately trying to ruin our friendship and i’m so sorry for the sadness and trouble they caused you. I hope you understand that Magic Cookie was a devious famacidal slanderer, they bothered me too.. they always deleted the props I put up in my worlize but that could never come close to trying to break up a friendship like they tried to do to dalila, you and I… That’s horrible that they tried to do that to us. I am so sorry that Magic Cookie made you guys feel hurt and I really hope you read this and understand.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed. I very much agree with you sea. This ain’t because your my best friend that I agree, it’s because it’s the damn truth.


      -Julie TulipBlossom


      1. Hey calm down both of you! How old are you five? Because this is certainly not a mature baheviour right now from neither of you. Can’t you see you both have misunderstood each other? So can you please try to ACTUALLY talk things out in a civilised manner? I mean sure words like “fuck” sound cool an all,,ya know play a lil tough..but it’s not they way problems are solved now is it?
        Well whatever this is between you guys,I got too much involved already so for that I’m sorry,I shouldn’t have

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Ok if you think it’s a not a misunderstanding then it’s not.Sorry for butting in.

            If you want to drown yourself in drama go ahead.Your problem.


        1. I fucking have apologized so many times and she straight up said she wouldn’t accept it. So shut the fuck up and block me if you don’t wanna hear what I gotta fucking say ass hole.


                1. Look im sorry I just want to block u but I can’t figure out how so stop replying and block me if u know how I don’t want to be in contact with you anymore.


      1. Mhm. Btw, umm, I didn’t report your friend harmony cause I literally don’t know how, PLUS IDK WHAT THE HELL SHE DID. I’m not yelling. I’m not. I’m sorry for everything, but you like to hold grudges, and so I’m done with you. Goodbye Raven.


  11. Have a nice flight every fairy but I’m done with most PixieHollow things I’ll play fairyabc when I can but I’m fucking done with dramatic stupidity, Idc who started it. I’m sorry if I did, I truly am, but, can’t ppl just let it go? -que let it go from frozen- haha lol so anyways, I’m gonna go..


    Fly with you!


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