Seasonal Analysis: Winter Woods

Hello everyfairy, and welcome to another episode of Pixie Hollow Mysteries.

If you’ve read some of my other Mysteries before, welcome back!

If this is your first time with us in a Pixie Hollow Mystery, sit back, fasten your tin foil hats, and hold onto your wings!

For this episode, I’ll be taking a close look at the entire Winter Woods.

The Winter Woods is tied for the smallest season. It has three meadows, one Wilderness, two shops, four talent games, and one Famous Fairy.

Let’s start with my personal favorite meadow, Snowcap Glade.


As I’ve mentioned before, there’s an easter egg frozen periwinkle, underneath the sign for Pinecone Pop. It seems like Tinkerbell and her sister passed through Snowcap Glade on their tour of the Hollow!

(I, however, simply refuse to recognize Secret of the Wings as canonical. They got rid of the Minister of Winter, created a second Pixie Dust Tree, and loads of other baloney! How did they explain how us Hollowians had been flying into the Winter Woods for years? They didn’t!)

Our first mystery is this: How did the ice-skating pond get there? It’s too clean-cut to have occurred completely naturally. Maybe there was a rainy season one year, and a crafty pixie thought to create an artificial lake/ice rink? I guess we’ll never know…

Something that’s always bothered me about Snowcap Glade is the unnatural shape of the log that makes it up. Why did it arch upwards? Was there, perhaps, another log resting underneath it, and thus it grew around it?

(The unusual arch shows that the tree was still alive and growing as it rested on the ground.)

Also, the direction that the fungi is growing tells me that the platform Gale’s Outfitter’s is located on grew after the tree had fallen.

Perhaps the most curious mystery this meadow has to offer is: Where does the inside of the log lead? It’s not shown on the Fly-Up map, it simply seems to lead to an Evergreen Tree. A secret hideout, perhaps? 😉


Now, on to Evergreen Overlook!


At first glance, Evergreen Overlook might look fairly straightforward. Kit’s Place, and a talent game.

But, to my skillfully trained eye, it holds a whole bunch of mysteries!

Firstly, a Mystery I have mentioned before. Where did Gavin go? One day, his pinecone place of business was simply…gone! It left fashionable sparrow men heartbroken, and we never heard from Gavin again…

The next Mystery is not very mysterious, but an interesting observation. Because Snowflake Sweep is run by the Minister of Winter, does she live in Evergreen Overlook too? Does she oversee the export of snowflakes in addition to her job as Minister?

The last Mystery for this meadow is: Why did Kit move from Havendish Square to Evergreen Overlook? Kit is pretty much the guidance councillor of all the fairies and sparrow men, so why did she move from an easily accessible main meadow, to an oft-forgotten nook in the Winter Woods?

The official story is that it was to make room for Queen’s Boutique? The real reason? Well, I’ll let you decide 😉

Now, to our last meadow, Chilly Falls.


To be honest, I was always very disappointed with Chilly Falls. The meadow preview looks so different, it’s almost like pixie clickbait!

From the map, it looks like the foreground (the shop, talent games, wilderness, etc.) is placed directly in front of a frozen waterfall.

However, when you enter the meadow, the foreground is very far away from the frozen waterfall. In fact, the entire meadow seems backwards. The ice castle that appears in front of the meadow is in the background, and the frozen waterfall is pretty much nonexistent.

I can’t even pull a Sunflower Gully and say we’re looking at it the wrong way!

Anyway, besides that glaring mista mystery, there isn’t a whole lot going on in this meadow. There’s the Wilderness, of course, the mine that all the mining-talents visit every full moon.

Actually, the entrance to The Never Mine looks an awful lot like the log in Snowcap Glade…

But I’m sure that’s all coincidence, of course 😉

Also, one of the biggest Mysteries is…

What happened to Colette?

She opened up shop on March 26, 2009, and disappeared under mysterious circumstances on September 7, 2012.

Is there something going on with well-known fairies that live in the Winter Woods? First, the Minister of Winter is forgotten, then, Gavin disappears, and after that, Colette closes up shop and is never heard from again?

Kit and Gale should watch their backs…

This has been Pixie Hollow Mysteries.


6 thoughts on “Seasonal Analysis: Winter Woods

  1. Secret of the Wings is probably my favorite of the Tinker Bell movies. Second is The Great Fairy Rescue. I have wondered about some of the logistics of the new things introduced in Secret of the Wings, though, what you call its “mysteries.” Have you noticed that in the first Tinker Bell movie there is a winter fairy when Tinker Bell arrives and is getting ready to find her talent?

    Liked by 2 people

        1. Yep, there sure is ! And there is no snowfall machine to keep her cold. And if she’s over here, doesn’t that mean Periwinkle technically could have arrived side by side with Tinker Bell?

          Liked by 1 person

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