FairyABC: Unfair Banning — I Quit

Hello, pixies.

I’m very sad to have to make this post.

Recently, as you may have heard on the Pixie Chat, my close friend Orchid/Harmony Magicheart was banned from FairyABC.

Understandably, I was very, very upset about this, especially since it was over a simple joke!

This is the actual report that was filed against her:


I’m going to be honest with you. Can you trust someone that uses the term ‘5ever’ unironically?

Within 15 minutes of this report being filed, the account Orchid was playing on was banned. Less than an hour later, her alternate account was banned as well! Less than half an hour after Orchid’s first account was banned, my other friend, Anastasia, was banned!

This seemed much to fast for comfort. How could any one person, let alone all the mods, read and determine a fair and fitting punishment for them?

Keep in mind, Anastasia hasn’t received an explanation, even multiple days later, for why she was banned! The mods and admins she speaks to simply claim they have proof, but do not reply to Anastasia when she asks them to show it to her.

When I replied to the forum, saying that:

This doesn’t really seem ban-worthy…
The rules are:
No bulling
No swearing
No illicit content
No illegal content
No spamming content
Illicit isn’t the same thing as explicit. Furthermore, that was taken out of context, the whole conversation (which I was a part of) is not shown. And, Harmony was banned right off the bat, not gagged/muted. This doesn’t seem fair.

“Now, her other account has been banned as well! This is entirely unfair, she did not swear, what she said was taken out of context, and if she did mean it the way it seems above, she shouldn’t have been banned, but muted!!!”

Because of these two posts, that very same night, I WAS UN-MODERATED. Before this point, I had been a moderated, and had happily watched over the Pixie Daily section of the forum. Less than two hours after speaking out in my friends’ defense, however, and I was back to being any ordinary schmuck.

Is this how dissent is handled?, I wondered. As it turns out, the answer was Yes, and there’s more.

The next day, October 9th, I was informed by Violet that both Anastasia and Orchid’s sentences had been downgraded from a permanent ban to a week of muting. However, Orchid’s second account was still permanently banned, and they had no plans on changing that.

Then, a girl I might have mentioned before, Buttercup Diamondbell, started being racist. Again.

(This is a bit of a side story to the main shebang, so you can skip over this to “A MOTHERFROGGIN’ WEEK OF BEING MUTED”)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This isn’t my first run-in with Buttercup, who has previously called black people “dirty” and “rapists”.

However, unlike last time, people got angry at me for “instigating”! Apparently, saying you’re going to report an obviously bigoted person makes me a troublemaker. Somefairy even called me a racist, and then proceeded to spam the chat in an attempt to prevent me from getting evidence of her racism!

I reported her (by now, everything I posted/replied on the forums was being carefully moderated, oftentimes for several hours, because I had stood up for my friends and spoken against unfair banning). Three hours later, Buttercup received her punishment.


That’s right, a fairy who made an (admittedly naughty) joke, got a harsher punishment than a bigoted excuse for a pixie.

So, I’m a little upset.

Today, though, came the cherry on top.

 When River, a fairy opposed to the unfair banning without warning, made a list of suggestions to better FairyABC, this was an administrator’s response:

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 3.43.23 PM.png

River’s (wonderful and detailed) post

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 3.41.14 PM.png

The reply.

Yes. I am mild-to-moderately upset about this. Except I’m not moderately upset, BECAUSE I GOT UN-MODDED FOR SPEAKING AGAINST THEM.

*Freaks out*

Okay, I’m fine. I consider myself a level-headed, but stubborn person. I inevitably lock horns with everyone I meet at one point or another.

But this? This is unacceptable. This is censorship, this is abuse of power, and it disgusts me.

That is why I must quit FairyABC.

When a racist gets a shorter sentence than a first-time offender, and a suggested solution is met with a thinly veiled threat, I must realize that things are bad, and that they are not going to change anytime soon.

So, it’s been a fun, what, four months? But I’ve got to go now. I’ll pop in from time to time, and say hello, I guess.

But this is something. When an admin can threaten banning, and pixies branded as “troublemakers” can have anything done to them without fair trial, I must ask:

When did this became what Pixie Hollow, and subsequently, pixies, were about?


9 thoughts on “FairyABC: Unfair Banning — I Quit

  1. I’m so sorry all of this has happened, Raven! I read your whole post, btw. I must say, the moderators responses, especially their response to you for defending your friend, is indeed alarming. You wrote – “This is unacceptable. This is censorship, this is abuse of power, and it disgusts me,” and you nailed it. As I was reading your post I thought, “This sounds fascist…” How very strange that this is how the moderators/administrators are handling these issues!! I was very impressed by River’s suggestions, I can’t fathom that there are any benevolent intentions behind the reply she received. I mean they could have written, “Well, your suggestions will be challenging to implement, but, they are very good ones! We will consider putting them to use! Thanks!” That would at least have been better. *sighs* What’s a pixie to do? I guess we have to remember that FairyABC isn’t our original beloved Pixie Hollow. As you said, “When did this became what Pixie Hollow, and subsequently, pixies, were about?” I totally agree. *toasts to a brighter future* [with milkshakes, of course 😊 ] (And in case you’re wondering, my milkshake is strawberry with a cherry on top ❤ )

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you, Snowflake! I must admit I was worried people would think I was making unnecessary trouble about this issue, but I am very relieved that you agree with me. I toast with you *Raises pumpkin milkshake*

      Liked by 3 people

  2. I was very saddened by the title, but reading this filled me with anger. Is this how fairies who speak up are treated? I am honestly, unspeakably infuriated! I’m sad that FairyABC isn’t a happy place for you anymore, but I really do understand why you’re leaving. I hope the administrators make positive changes to the rules, but, looking at the revised edition of the rules, it doesn’t seem like they want to change. 😦

    Liked by 3 people

  3. How awful, Raven! It was totally unfair for them to remove you as a moderator just because you questioned their decision to ban your friends! 😡
    I was in the process of writing a very nice post to promote FairyABC, but now I’m going to add a disclaimer section that highlights what happened to you and your friends.

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