Last Day Of Summer

Howdy, pixies.

So, today is the last day of summer.

Pixies and Clumsies alike have already started the transition into autumn. Most of my family is downstairs right now, peeling apples, making apple pie, or just enjoying each other’s company.

Even the trees outside seem to be confused about the season. Many have already begun shedding their leaves, making beautiful scenery for people walking by.

Frogs, even I’ve betrayed the last, fading rays of summer sun. Maple Leaf Rag plays in the background as I write this post, and I’m already making plans to go acorn-hunting!

So, I suppose the only thing we can do is accept that fall is here to stay (At least, until winter rolls around 😉 )


4 thoughts on “Last Day Of Summer

  1. hmm homemade apple pie sounds good!
    I have spiced banana nut bread baking in the oven right now!
    Thank you for your post celebrating the last day of summer ☀️🐠🌺
    It’s been a beautiful, warm day here.

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