Life Updaterino!

Hiya, pixies!

So, I decided I’d share with you guys what I’m doing for this new school year and all, especially stuff that’s going to affect my blogging!

Okay, probably the biggest thing is the new school year. Every day, I’m at school from early morning to the end of time (at least, that’s how it feels 😛 ). I can usually get on my phone between classes and when I’m eating, so I can monitor likes and comments pretty well 😉

The second biggest change is probably going to be the (sad) decline in Shopping Sprees. Because I need an education, I can’t go to the mall (or Listia) any time of day or week anymore. I’ll still be able to shop on weekends and after school, though, so they won’t completely die out!

Probably the best shake-up is going to be more frequent (and bigger, woohoo!) updates of Raven’s Story! This has come at the expense of Side Stories, but I promise to churn some writing out soon 😛

I’ve also set a blogging goal for myself. I’m going to try to post at least 30 times per month, aiming for once-a-day posts. I’ve found that it really boosts my stats, and allows me to interact with my followers more (and you guys know I love you 😉 )!

I’m also considering a complete overhaul of the Pixie News format ‘n such, but I haven’t completely decided yet 😉 Another thing in the works is a “Welcome to Fall!” post, with recipes, crafts, artwork, and more!

Well, that’s pretty much it! Not a whole lot of clutter running around in my head right now, but I’ll add more ideas to this list if I find I forgot anything 😛


2 thoughts on “Life Updaterino!

  1. We love you too, Raven!! ❤
    I am super excited for your "Welcome to Fall" post, too!
    And I am so impressed by your blogging goals (and what you've already accomplished)! I can barely churn out 3 posts a month lol.
    GAAAA — this reminds me, I gotta submit my flower painting for the Games contest!!! *Grabs colored pencils & markers and frantically colors*

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