Summer Worlize Fashion Spotlight

I’ll be there!!!! 😀 ❤

Pixie Hollow - Our Biggest Secret


To celebrate the end of this Summer’s Fashion Fair, Gwyn, Primrose and I have been putting together a Worlize Fashion Spotlight!

If you haven’t read the post on Marigold’s Blog yet announcing the Fashion Fair, you can click here to go read it, or you can click here to visit the official 2016 Events Committee Website.  😉

The Spotlight will be run simular to the Pixie Prom earlier this year, and the theme will be Sporty/Tropical inspired, coinciding with the theme of the Fashion Fair!  😀

The dates will be as follows:

Friday the 19th of August, 6PM EST Hosted by Rose MorningMist, Gwyn and Primrose (aka Flame Magix)

Saturday the 20th of August, 4PM EST Hosted by Gwyn and Primrose (aka Flame Magix)

To find out what time this will be where you live, you can click on the link below to use an online time convertor.

The Spotlight will be held…

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Let me know what you think!

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