DIY: Making Your Own Pixie Dust

I think I’m going to be making this in the near future…Anyfairy else? 😀

PBC Newsletter

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a real-life fairy?

I have!

With a little faith, trust, and pixie dust (literally!)

Your wish can come true!

~ * ~

This month, I’ve chosen to share a fun and easy DIY craft

That is positively sparkletastic,

And the perfect was to express your fairy spirit

Here on the mainland.

~ * ~

August DIY: Making Your Own Pixie Dust


(This is a wonderful article full of advice for becoming a real-life fairy,

and is the source for our DIY).

“Your fairy dust, like your name, should reflect your personality and talents and should be completely unique to you.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 10.07.30 PM

~ * ~

Step 1: Choosing Your Ingredients

Pixie Dust Container –

  • Select a container for your pixie dust.
    • Small is best, as you will want your dust to be easily portable.

Glitter – 

  • Choose a glitter to serve as…

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