Vera Mona Eyeshadow Review!


Hiya, pixies!

Wanna see my review of this eyeshadow?

So, this shade is called Clover, and it’s gold and pinkish (mainly pink).

I’m putting it on with my makeup brush set (review of those coming soon, by the way 😛 )


Wow! That actually doesn’t look too bad!

I definitely thought the shade was going to look horrible, but it’s a nice, lighter neutral (at least, for me 😛 )

You could wear this shade alone (like above), or throw on some mascara for a simple yet elegant look.

It’s time for everyone’s favorite part!

Let’s look at those….claims!


Claim 1: “Travel size.”

Yep! Actually, it’s pretty small…Oh, well. More room for mascara! >:D

Claim 2: “Perfect shade to achieve a soft glowy look.”

I agree! I actually might use this regularly :O

Two trues! Woohoo!


First Impression: This is gonna look terrible on me.. 😦

Lasting Impression: It actually looks nice! :O

Would I Buy It: I don’t think I’d buy the whole pallet from Vera Mona, but I’d buy this specific size again, no question!

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Let me know what you think!

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