Real Talk: E.L.F. Hypershine Lip Gloss Review


Hiya, pixies!

Wanna hear (read?) what I thought about this lip gloss?

Course you do 😛

Whoa, it’s a twist up!

*Spends the next five minutes twisting it*

Cool! I’ve never worn a twist-up lip gloss before!

Oh, I realize why 😛 I just smeared a glob of gloss on my hand.

Anyway, I’m applying it now.


Boy, do I feel dumb -_-

To get the most natural look, pull the brush down from where your lips connect (what’re you supposed to call that, anyway? The crease? The fold? I don’t know 😛 ). It will prevent you from having a dumb, unnatural look (which I gave myself, but quickly fixed)

Here’s what it looks like on me:


I realized, after looking at my last review post, I had a sort of frowny-face, so I made a point of smiling this time 😛

I’m surprised by how natural it looks! And, the brush applicator is actually super helpful for smoothing out mistakes.

If I had to say something negative about this product (I don’t want to! Who am I to lower a gloss’s self esteem?), I’d have to say it’s a bit messy.

Now, I’m going to evaluate this product based on the claims on it’s website!

Claim 1: “Hyper, glass-like shine”

I’d say this is true. It does remind me of glass!

Claim 2: “Smoothes lips on contact”

Hmm. I’m not sure how you would smooth your lips in the first place, but I’d say the finish of this gloss is very smooth!

Claim 3: “Conditioning shine that lasts for hours”

I’ve been wearing it for about an hour now, and it’s still as shiny as it was when I first applied it, so true!

Wow, a true to every claim? Nice!


First Impression: Shiiny! ❤

Lasting Impression: A really great product for the price (just $1!)

Would I Buy It: Yes, I’d love to try out a darker shade of this gloss!

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This review was requested by the wonderful Marigold Sunjewel


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