Real Talk: Love My Lips Lip Gloss Review!


Hiya, pixies!

So, I’m putting this lip gloss on!

Hm. One thing about the shape of the jar is that it makes it very difficult to get enough gloss in one dip of the applicator. I have to dip about three times per lip!

Awww…. 😦

The wonderful purple-y colour isn’t transferring over very well!

Right now, it looks pretty pinkish-clear on my lips.


(Excuse my fuzzy face…maybe I should invest in a face wax? 😛 )

Keep in mind, when you look at the photo above, my lips are pretty pink-purply already.


Here it is on my wrist…I wish it looked like this on my lips!!

Looking at this review on Amazon, it looks like another person had a similar problem, but in Paris Blue.

Oh, well.

Now, I’m off to see how well it holds up when I drink something!!

So, by now, it’s probably been an hour since I applied the gloss. It’s probably safe to drink something now, right?

Wrong, apparently. I left a mark on my cup (it was mostly clear, though), but it didn’t seem to wash off all of the gloss on my lips.


First Impression: Hard to apply, and not as colourful as I thought it would be.

Lasting Impression: Really just a clear and shimmery gloss, not a colour gloss.

Would I Buy It: No, but maybe I’ll try out the brand the lady in the Amazon review recommended!

Rating: ♥ ♥

This review was requested by the amazing Stella Sunshine & the beautiful Snowflake Fancypuff


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