Blog Bomb: Sara Icedrop

LET’S BOMB THAT BLOG DOWN…*Coughs delicately* I mean, yay for Sara Icedrop!

Marigold's Musings

Hi, Pixies!

As you may remember, nearly two months ago we Blog Bombed Tessa Cherrywillow:-)

Here were her stats on April 26, 2016:


Our Goal:


Here are her new stats as of June 22, 2016:


Our goal was met AND exceeded!!! 😀

A *HUGE* thank you to everyone who helped support and encourage this talented fairy!!!❤

Update: Since being Blog Bombed, Tessa has only published 1 post on her blog, but she’s still very involved in the PBC by commenting frequently and stopping by the Pixie Hangout to chat 🙂

It’s Blog Bomb time, again!😀

In case you need a refresher or are new to Blog Bombing, it’s pretty simple: I choose a pixie’s blog at random (active or inactive – but they MUST display their followers and views), I publish a post containing the blog’s link and current stats, and I ask everyone…

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Let me know what you think!

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