Pixie Prom Pre-Party Coverage

I arrived first, and was told that I was going to be the GUEST OF HONOUR!! I was so surprised, but excited!

Then, Phoebe showed up, and Flame Magix offered us both drinks. Milkshakes, my favorite!

I asked Flame what her favorite part of this Pixie Prom was, and she told me it was having her best friend, Gwyn, with her, helping her make decisions. How sweet! ❤

After a while, Nyla/Jade Vanillaflash dropped in, and we started chatting!

Flame then told us that this Pixie Prom is going to have two special gifts at the end of it, to thank us lovely ladies for coming! I do love being called lovely 😉

Gwyn was still afk at this point, but Flame said that when more pixies arrive, we’d begin. This gave us fairies who’d already arrived a little time to get our outfits together.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 5.54.20 PM.png

(Even though I was already dressed to the nines 😉 )

Gwyn came back from dinner right as I sipped my lemonade (it was delicious, by the way)

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 5.54.59 PM.png

Casa arrived, too! It’s gonna be a real (pre)party, with all us pixies here!!

Then, Luna Morningtwirl arrived! She thought her fairy’s size was a bit off, so she went off and fixed it (something I affectionately referred to as “fixie the pixie” 😛 )

Gwyn & Flame announced that there would be dance and tech lessons, and a special surprise at the end (for all the pixies that didn’t hear the first announcement)!

Then, we all went to the dance room! Gwyn put a lively song on, and then, helped us to dance…..Worlize style!

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 6.14.48 PM.png

After a good long time of amazing dancing (by all of us [but especially me!]), I had to go.

That’s all for this pre-party coverage!


2 thoughts on “Pixie Prom Pre-Party Coverage

  1. I missed it! I showed up fashionably late & the Dance Room was empty 😦
    I did get to meet up with Gwyn & Primrose.
    Thanks for the pictures!

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