Real Talk: Power Moisture Conditioner Review

This review was requested by Marigold Sunjewel!

So, I just brushed my hair and put the conditioner in.

On the bottle, it says to put it in after shampooing, leave it on for up to three minutes, rinse it off, and follow it up with their detangling spray.

Well, I’m going to stray off the beaten (braided? 😛 ) path, and not shampoo, rinse it off, or follow it up with the spray.

For one, shampoo is too hard on my hair, it just beats it up! I’m not rinsing it off because it’ll make my hair worse (it needs to be conditioned all day, the spoiled thing), and I’m not going to use the spray because I didn’t buy it.

So, now, I’m just going to pull my hair up into a bun (in true Tinkerbell style 😛 )

After The Bun:

My hair is up, the bobbies have been pinned, and I’m staring at myself in the mirror!

One thing about this conditioner is that it makes my hair so delightful to run my hands through ❤

My hair’s drying now. It’s staying pretty nicely in the bun, and none of my curls are popping out.

1 Hour Later:

Okay, things are looking good so far. My hair’s great (but isn’t it always? 😛 ), and no flyaways or other problems yet!

6 Hours Later:

My hair seems to be a bit frizzy around the edges. Oh, well. It usually is 😛

3 Hours Later:


What’s going down? My hair 😛

Ooh, so nice, so soft… *Runs my fingers through my newly freed hair*

*Gets one of my fingers caught in a knot*


“I’m sorry, but we’re going to have to amputate.”

Whoa, that was a bit of a tangent 😛

Anyway, my hair is still a bit wet (where it was twisted into the bun), perfect for going to sleep! Who need pillows, amiright??


First Impression: Has a light, almost unnoticeable scent, perfect for when I want to wear a perfume.

Lasting Impression: This conditioner works about as well as my other leave-in conditioners, but lets me be able to use less, and is perfect for on-the-go/a summer trip.

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Would I Buy It: Yes, but only during the summer/hotter months.


Let me know what you think!

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