Pixie Hollow-ify Your Life!

Hiya, pixies!

I proudly introduce:

How to Fool People Into Thinking You’re Classier Than You Really Are

Desk Edition!



This desk is a mess! Papers, books, magazines, miscellaneous makeup and more cover up a hidden gem.

First of all, clear it off! Everything must be off the top of the desk!


There, isn’t that better? Well, sort of.

As you can see, there are a lot of marks on the surface of the desk. To prevent people from seeing that, use a tablecloth!


Yes, an ordinary tablecloth can transform a scratched up desk into a beautiful vanity area.

Now, we only have to figure out what goes on top of the desk (Something much easier than it seems)!

I’ll show you a quick picture gallery displaying the do’s and don’ts of desk-orating!

DO display your fanciest brands
DON’T display cracked, messy, or used makeup
DON’T show off nail polish that’s discolored or has faded lettering
DON’T hang up large, captioned prints. Go for a subtler framed look.
DO put your jewelry in a fancy bowl
DON’T let your jewelry lay about
DON’T put half-empty perfume on your new, fancier desk

Now that I’ve followed all these simple rules, here’s what my desk looks like!

(After a few okay, a lot of finishing touches 😛 )




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