Dal’s Diary: Searching For Lost Things

You better bring something back for me, Dal!

Dalila's Diary

June 7, Afternoon

Hello, diary.

Today, Ginger and I went down to the bank of Sunflower Gully to look for Lost Things!

Ginger’s working on a super-secret project, so secret she won’t even tell me! With how often she’s been going down to the stream, it has to be full of Lost Things! I can’t wait for her to show it to me!

Anyway, we were searching by the bank. Ginger and I had been out here for what seemed like hours when we finally stopped for a break.

I was so thirsty, I could’ve drank all of Havendish Stream! Thankfully, Ginger had thought ahead and brought a pack full of food and drinks!

I had a poppy puff roll and some raspberry juice! It was delicious!!

I gotta get back to work now. Ginger’s calling me lazy.

Not lazily yours,


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