Monthly PBC Newsletter: Update and Task Force Sign-up

Are you signing up? I am!!

Crystal Oakbelle's Pixie Memories

Not many people voted on the poll, but I am going to be doing the newsletter discussed in my previous post.

The first newsletter will be published on May 1st ish, so go ahead and subscribe now!  By subscribing, you will recieve one scheduled email a month from (me), as well as any emails I send to you concerning other matters.  This service is set up through an account I attached to my Google account.  I have all ready checked to make sure that there is no spam associatted with subscribing, and made sure that is safe.  Your email will remain confidential and everything should be good.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

I’ll be needing some help to get this working, so I’ve decided to create a PBC Newsletter Task Force.  If you’re interested in joining, email me at with the following information.  If something…

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2 thoughts on “Monthly PBC Newsletter: Update and Task Force Sign-up

  1. Thanks for helping this idea come to life Raven! All of the support you’ve shown for it from signing up for the task force, voting in the poll, and rebloging the posts have really gone a long way. Thanks for being such a great pixie!

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