Exclusive: Pixie Prom Co-Founders Interview!

Okay, let’s start this off!

Every quote will begin with the author!

Flame Magix: I believe the Pixie Prom will be fun for everyone! And I also believe they’ll love this years theme!

1. Why did you decide to host the Pixie Prom again?

Gwyn: Because we believe that the first time round was a huge success, even if it didn’t end the way we wanted to. We think people enjoyed it enough to come again. And, with a few revisions, we could make it even GREATER!

2. What’s the theme?

Flame Magix: We’re doing Under The Sea!
Gwyn: Mhm. It would be great to truly start a tradition
Flame Magix: I am going to be dressed as the sunset, the soft sunset that shines in.

3. What do you think next year’s theme will be?

Gwyn: It’s too early to say! But, maybe we can draw from our original plan of garden and flowers. Each year will be different.

Flame Magix: WELL, Raven, next years theme is nature & animals. Basically we must dress with flower crowns, petal dresses.

4. What will be different from last year’s Pixie Prom, do you think?

Gwyn: We hope to get new people possibly from the blogs to get involved with Worlize and, also, fans can meet people from the blogs in real time.

5. If you could, what other Mainland event would you bring to Worlize?

Gwyn: OOOH, good question! Flame thought up a real good idea a couple days ago.

Flame Magix: We were thinking maybe like a….
Flame Magix: What’s the word? Ah, yes! HOMECOMING!

Gwyn: To end the summer season with a bang!

Flame Magix: However, I think….. We could even do something like…..

Flame Magix: Well… Anything!

6. Anything else you’d like to say to the readers?

Gwyn: We’re trying to tackle one thing at a time!

Flame Magix: BUT, WE ARE PROUD to announce that this year’s Pixie Prom will have a SPECIAL SURPRISE, for all the ladies at the end of it. Something we can all enjoy, and relax.

Gwyn: Actually, multiple surprises! But, that’s all we’ll say.

Well, that’s my first exclusive interview!

If you guys like it, maybe I’ll do some more 😉


3 thoughts on “Exclusive: Pixie Prom Co-Founders Interview!

  1. Amazing post, Raven! Your idea to do an interview is brilliant! I might even use this one as inspiration for a future post, if you don’t mind. I loved getting to here more about the Pixie Prom from the creators. Thanks for the inside scoop!

    Liked by 4 people

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