Talent Appreciation Week: Badges

Howdy, everybody!

To thank everyfairy who participated in Talent Appreciation Week, I’d like to present you with these badges!

Now, let the badge-giving ceremony begin!

First off, the caterpillar-shearers!

You lucky fairies get this badge!


Next up, the confectioner-talents!

You guys get this badge!


Now, the mining-talents!

They won’t have to dig deep to find the beauty in this badge!


This badge goes to the pixies Raven has kept up late into the night with her dangerous antics.

Give a round of applause to…

The nursing-talents!


Last, but not least, the pixies that literally wrote the book about everything,

The scribe-talents!!!


That’s all for this year’s Talent Appreciation Week!

Love your talent, everyfairy!


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