Talent Appreciation Week!!!

Howdy, everybody!!

A couple weeks ago, I was thinking. A dangerous hobby, I know 😛

Then, I got a wonderful idea!! A holiday for fairies, just like one on the mainland!

But I couldn’t decide which, which is where Misty came in!!

We put our brains together, and came up with:

Talent Appreciation_banner

This week, you guys are going to dig down deep and change your talent!!

(Don’t worry, it’s only temporary 😛 )

Pick one of these extra-important talents below:

Nursing Talent: These fairies are responsible for fixing you up when you have a medical problem you can’t fix yourself. If you visit a Red-Feather location, you can find nurse-talents!

Scribe Talent: If you can think of a topic, a scribe-talent has probably already written a book on it! Scribe-talents are responsible for recording Pixie Hollow’s knowledge. You can usually find them hard at work in the library!

Mining Talent: Ever wonder where the Hollow’s metals come from? Mining-talents! During every new moon and full moon, these fairies dig deep into the earth to find metals, as well as gemstones and jewels! You can usually find mining-talents admiring their finds by their caves!

Caterpillar-Shearing Talent: If you’ve ever visited the Winter Woods, you can thank the caterpillar-shearing talents for keeping you warm! Caterpillar-shearing talents herd woolly caterpillars. Once the caterpillars’ fur is long enough, they cut it off and give it to the weaving-talents. Most caterpillar-shearing talents can be found near Caterpillar Corral!

Confectioner Talent: Don’t confuse these fairies with baking or cooking-talents! Confectioner-talents keep you supplied with candy and chocolates! Confectioner-talents are usually located in their kitchens or sweet shops!

While you are a different talent, we’d like you to write at least one blog post about your new talent.

It can be a side story, an arrival day story, a day in the life of story, anything you can dream of! 😀

As long as you post it with the tag: #TalentAppreciationWeek you’ll get a fancy new badge, different for each talent!!!

If you don’t have a blog, post it on someone else’s, or email it to Marigold (marigoldsunjewel@gmail.com)!

Vote for the talent you’re switching to on Marigold’s original post, and remember:

No talent left behind!!!


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