Slide into Spring!

A contest from my good friend Stella!

Unique Cinque's Reveries

Can y’all believe there’s only 14 DAYS TIL SPRING!? 😮 😀

I’ve been waiting for this since winter! 😛

Now, let me get to the point of this post… I have a proposition for y’all.

I call it: UCR’s Spring 2016 Coloring Contest (which gives you a hint of what it might be about 😉 )

So, here’s how to enter:

Step #1: Use this Coloring  Page…

UCR Coloring Contest Blank

or this one…

UCR Coloring Contest Blank 2

..and color it in!

Tip: Use computer software applications such as Pixlr, Photoshop, or Paint for color combinations choices i.e. making a primary red turn a light pink hue.

Step #2: Send it in!

Either send the completed picture to or linked through the comment section below with your pixie’s name attached.

Note: One Picture Per Pixie Entry (sorry if I made you choose between them!)

Step#3: WAIT…but not for

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Let me know what you think!

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