March Pixie News


Memorable Quote:

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”

– Maya Angelou

Q: How do [you] have such high quality clothing?

– Gwyn

A: Fly with you, Gwyn! At least for the outfit you were speaking of,  I used the Dropbox link from Onionleaf’s dress up game. Unfortunately, I can’t use the link anymore. When I click on it, it shows error 404. I guess Onionleaf and the other pixies working on the dress up game decided to make it private or delete the folder all together!

Pixie Fashions:

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Thank you for reading this edition of Pixie News!


6 thoughts on “March Pixie News

  1. I think Onionleaf was the only one making the game itself, others were helping with the outfits, but not the game programming. I can help if you want to edit outfits onto fairies. There are pictures on the Disney Online Worlds wiki for ones you don’t have saved.

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