Seasonal Analysis: Autumn Woods

Hello, everyfairy, and welcome to another episode of Pixie Hollow Mysteries.

If you’ve read some of my Mysteries before, welcome back!

If this is your first time participating in a Pixie Hollow Mystery, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Now, for this episode, I’ll be focusing on the whole Autumn Forest.

As far as meadows go, those in the Autumn Forest blend together very well.

You can even spot some meadows in the background while visiting the meadow next to them.

Let’s start with an analysis of Maple Tree Hill.


First of all, why does Copper need so many windows in her home? Is she the only person living there, or do the windows represent multiple rooms for different people?

Does Mendy get really upset when Copper throws any noisy parties, since she practically lives in her basement?

Also, you can see the small cliff that holds Cottonpuff Field in this meadow, which is pretty aligned with how the meadows are shown in the map.


Let’s move on to Cottonpuff Field.


From this meadow, you can see the many orange-leaved trees that are behind Maple Tree Hill.

Also, Cottonpuff Field itself seems to be an island, surrounded on all sides by Havendish Stream. Maybe this is annual flooding, but, due to the constant freezing of time, can never drain with the coming of the next season.

Next up is Acorn Summit.


Summit itself means the highest point of a hill or mountain, which makes sense, since Acorn Summit is in an extremely tall tree.

Acorn Summit is the only meeting point of the Autumn Forest and the Winter Woods. Some may say that the inter-season crossing is at the very base of the tree Acorn Summit is in.

Also, where is the branch that supports Acorn Summit going? It looks too straight to just be a branch.

It’s possible it’s a fallen tree, caught in the branches of another tree, as suggested by the light white branch by Summit Styles.

Now, for the meadow that provided the biggest mystery for me.

Pumpkin Patch.


The main mystery that confronted me in this meadow was: who cut down the tree?

The trunk is way to clean cut to have just been an accident. Even the mini tree has been sliced clean!

But, no Clumsies have ever entered Pixie Hollow. So is there a whole talent of logger fairies? Has Pixie Hollow not always been Clumsy-exclusive?

Also, this raises the question:

Is Fawn’s hideout in the cut down tree?

This has been Pixie Hollow Mysteries.


8 thoughts on “Seasonal Analysis: Autumn Woods

  1. Guess who just had a brilliant idea to incorporate some ‘answers’ to these particular mysteries in certain stories? XP
    Then you can guess who will be getting special credit for said stories 😛

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    1. They’re all in a category, called Pixie Hollow Mysteries. If you scroll up, just beneath the title, you should see “Pixie Hollow Mysteries”. Click on that, and scroll through all of them! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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