Youtube to Pixietube!

This sounds like a great idea!!

Grace's Guide

Me: “Did I tell you I’m a ninja, I’m fast and move swiftly”

*Runs into pole*

Friend: “Haha, real swift” 😏


Hey Pixies!

Ready for story time? Let’s go!


I was on Youtube, trying to find out any new news about Pixie Hollow, when all of a sudden, I jump off my bed, grab a muffin, and my notebook. I start scribbling down ideas about how we could re-open the Hollow, suddenly, I get a flitterific idea!



Yes, I am seriously thinking of starting up a Youtube channel, and making videos about Pixie Hollow, and spreading the word of my Petition!

I’m in a business class at school, so I’m learning how to make animation videos!

I’ll let you know when my channel is up! But seriously, SPREAD THE WORD!

Be sure to sign my petition if you haven’t already!



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