PH FR — Sneak Peak!

Sofia’s POV

“You! Hey, you!” Someone calls.

I look to the side, flipping my hair out of the way.

Nothing but sunflowers and dewy grass…


My neck snaps up, and I see a brunette fairy plummeting towards me.

Yelping, I roll out of her path.

The fairy falls onto a sunflower, bounces, and then slides downwards, her eyes tightly shut as her nails leave long, deep trails down the stem of the sunflower.

“Are you okay? What happened?” I ask, looking for injuries.

She opens her eyes, and then seems to realize she isn’t dead. Leaping off the shredded sunflower, she brushes her hands off on her shorts.

“Sorry about that. I’s training a new frog, and it didn’t particularly take to it. I seem to have destroyed your sunflower.”

“Don’t worry… Is being an animal-talent always that dangerous?” I ask, my curiosity piqued.

“You should’ve been there when I was taming a lynx cub. I’ll make it up to you for the sunflower, by the way. How about lunch?”

“Sure! Maybe you can tell me about the lynx on the way?” I ask, excited.

“Of course!”

That’s all the peek you’re allowed to sneak right now 😛


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