PEF Creators

Pixie Hollow - Our Biggest Secret

Hello, everyfairy!

Well, since Rose has declared the reformation of the PEF, I thought I should follow Jade & Marigold’s lead, and introduce you guys to the sector I’m (half) in charge of.

What will we Creators do?

Phoebe Bumbleflip and I, along with the rest of the Creators, will be working on Rebuild PH, as well as keeping an eye out for various remakes, like FairyABC and Pixie Harmony.

If anyfairy is interested in being a PEF Creator, you must…

  • Send me your name and talent.
  • Have access to at least one photo editor (I use Pixlr)


  • Have good drawing skills.
  • And, lastly, show Phoebe or me an edit or drawing you’ve done in the past.

Sound interesting? Got questions? Email me at!!

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