Christmas Edits Competition — Results!!!!

Howdy, everybody!!!

Yes, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for!!!

You guys will finally get to know who won my Christmas Edits Competition!

I’m looking into my crystal ball now….


Firstly, the results of the poll!

With 36% of the votes, the winner of the Poller’s Choice Award is…..


Congratulations, Misty!

You win this badge!

Paintastic Poller's Choice!

Looking into my crystal ball again, I can see shapes coming into focus…..

It looks like me, giving Phoebe Bumbleflip the Tinkertastic Third Place Award!!!!

Well, I’m not one to tamper with the future, so, here you go, Phoebe!


Now, onto second place!!!

When I saw this entry, I knew it was going to win big.

Not only did Gwyn make a beautiful dress, she also decorated the background!!

That sounds like a winner to me!

Congrats, Gwyn!


Last, but not least, I announce the winner of my very first edit competition.

This entry caught my eye, because it was like nothing I’d ever seen before.

Not only was it beautiful, the idea was creative and unique too.

Come on up here, Stella and the Pixies!!!!

Your entry was definitely my favorite, so you definitely deserve this first place badge.


Display it with pride!!!


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