Calling All Artists!!

Hiya, everybody!

I was just getting ready to make a meadow for the new Pixie Hollow, but I need your help first!

If you’re an artist, I’d like to have you draw some trees, flowers, and other nature objects and send them to my email!


So that I can get to work on the first new meadow on the Rebuilt Pixie Hollow!

So, I need some things first!

Draw up your best trees, flowers, rocks, and other things that appeared in Pixie Hollow! Remember, they need to look like they do to fairies!


  1. The objects have to look like they would if we were fairies!
  2. Don’t colour them, I’ll do that myself!
  3. Take good pictures of them, or even better yet, scan them in!

Thanks for your great work! You’ll get a special thanks when we get the new PH up and running!


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