Side Story 3 – Part 3!

Raven’s POV

I step over Sophie’s still sleeping body as I look through the cupboards for the nutmeg. I can’t find it anywhere! It wasn’t even in the cupboard where I was sitting! Anyway, I’ve already disposed of Sophie’s food and begun my own.

“You can be so predictable sometimes, you know that?” I say quietly to her. I don’t want to wake up Sarah, who is still asleep upstairs. It’d be a shame to have to knock out both my friends on the same day, but I’d do it!

Time passes…

Sophie’s POV

I smack my lips a couple times, feeling a bit out of it. My eyes aren’t cooperating, and my brain feels fuzzy. I see a red blob moving around above me.

Raven’s POV

I’m rinsing greens off in a bowl when I hear rustling behind me. I turn around to see Sophie has woken up, looking very confused.

“Sarah, be careful! There’s a monster in the cupboard!”

She thinks I’m Sarah?! I’m insulted. My hair is red, not orange. And I do not look like a monster! But I have bigger problems. If Sophie wakes up now, my whole plan will be ruined.

As Sophie begins to get onto her feet, I think quickly. Grabbing what’s nearest to my hand, which is a potato masher, I conk her on the head with it. Twice. Sophie, who was on her knees by this point, teeters for a moment, before falling forward.

“Well, that problem is solved.” I flip the masher in my hand and set it back on the counter.

Time passes…

I hear the first knock on the door right after I finish putting the forks on the table. I wipe my hands on my red apron before turning the doorknob.

“Hello, Acorn!” I exclaim.

“Hiya, Raven! Bet you didn’t expect anyone this early?” He asks, shifting his covered dish from one arm to the other.

“Nope! What’d you bring?” I ask him.

“Some herbs and nuts to set next to the cornucopia to ensure a good harvest, and some mincemeat pies!” Acorn hands me the mincemeat pies in a green pan, and sets his basket of ‘magic plants’ by the door.

“We’ll wait for everyone else to arrive in here. I think I’ll get changed into my harvest outfit, if you don’t mind.” I say as I’m already halfway up Sarah’s grand staircase.

After I slip into my outfit, I wake up Sarah and then go down to the dining room. Amber, my fame-seeking shadow, Onyx, the chatty blonde, Heather, the cool guide, Crystal Cutewinkle, Phoebe Bumbleflip, Rose Morningmist, Patchwork Tinyswirls, and Violet Lovelyfreeze have arrived, each bringing a very different dish with them. The table looks mis-matched and crazy, but then again, so are all of our friends.


I decide to go into the kitchen and wake up Sophie. She deserves to know why I knocked her out a couple times. After all, I couldn’t have done it without Sophie and the missing nutmeg.

Have a happy holiday!

Signing off for the last time,

— Ranger Raven


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