Pixie Hollow-ify Your Life!!!!! Part 1

Heya fairy followers!!

If you have read my blog for a long time, you’ll remember that a while ago I created a post about how to Pixie Hollow-ify your computer!

Well, get ready for an article series that will sound like a cliché self-help book, because I’m about to Pixie Hollow-ify your life!!!!!!!

Let’s add some of that pixie dust sparkle into your life!!

Part 1: Pixie Hollow-ify your make-up bag!

I love nail polish, so I try to get a whole bunch of types to try out at once, and then recommend them to my friends. However, I’ve been looking for the perfect pixie dust nail polish for years, and haven’t found the one polish that is the perfect match. Until last week, that is. Last week I found this nail polish:


Sand Lacquer, by love & beauty. This nail polish can be found at your nearest Forever 21!

I looooove this polish. It looks a little dark to be pixie dust in the bottle, but when it dries, it has multiple colors! Also, it feels like sand/pixie dust!!! Another plus of this nail polish is that it stays forever!!! If there ever were a perfect pixie polish, I think this is it for me! The only think that I can find wrong with this product is, after a couple days, the nail polish starts feeling less sandy 😦

Usually, I try to avoid make-up. We just don’t get along well. I either end up poking myself with face pencils (Who decided we needed pencils for our faces in the first place?!?) or looking like I fell face-first into a make-up factory. Not a good look. But sometimes, there are days when my artistic side takes over and I don’t end up stabbing myself in the eyeball or accidentally eating my lipstick. On these days, I can try to find the perfect looks. Still, I am the worst person to get make-up advice from, so I am showing you guys some videos from Youtube!

This one is a nice tutorial for Tink that won’t break the bank!

My little sister is obsessed with Silvermist, so maybe you can both use this video!

A fairy-tastic Fawn make-up video!

This Queen Clarion video proves that sometimes it’s best to do make-up with a friend!

This one is made by the same make-up artist as the one above, and is of Rosetta!

I think these links will help people trying to get a head start on Halloween costumes!


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