Second Anniversary of Pixie Hollow’s Closing

Hey there, fairy followers and Pixie Hollow fans.

Today is a big day for all of us. Today, September 19th 2015, marks two years since Pixie Hollow closed.

However, all of our fairy bloggers are trying to make this a day of happy remembrance, not a day of wallowing (I do love wallowing, though).

I’d like to recount some memories of the Pixie Hollow I remember:

It’s December 11th, 2009. My older sister is talking to me while I’m showing her my previously made fairies.

“Look, here’s my fairy. She’s got her hair in a bun to make sure it stays out of her way when she’s working.”

“That’s nice, but why don’t your fairies look like you? It’s kind of weird that all your fairies look like different people.”

This caused me to create Raven, just to prove my sister wrong. Raven had back-length pepper black hair, large brown eyes, and maple tan skin.I was a garden-talent. When I made fairies, I would only dress them up, and would pick talents at random. I thought I was going to do the same thing with Raven, so I picked the golden the flower without any thought. What I thought was a minor detail influenced how Raven would dress, quest, and live. As Raven would often say, oops.

The first meadow I visited was Cottonpuff Field. There was a small table, with a banner over it that said something I can’t quite recall. A small party of older fairies were there to welcome me, and they showed me around the meadow and gave me a basic outline of the Hollow. I remember going to Brook’s Basics in Dewdrop Vale and buying a blueberry blue sweetgum scoop outfit. I have no idea why the outfit was blue, because I was a garden talent, not water talent. Oops.

Another thing I remember is being absolutely obsessed with the game Pinecone Pop. I would always make it all the way through the game, unless I had to log off. I was good at it, darn it! My sister, who also played Pixie Hollow, would get upset because I would forget to meet her in the meadows we had agreed on. Oops.

Speaking of my sister, I have many happy memories of us playing Tea for Two in the Tearoom. That was pretty much the only time we would talk on Pixie Hollow. I wouldn’t hang out with her friends, and she didn’t hang out with mine. I was not ashamed of her though. It’s just we’re such different people, we didn’t usually cross social circles. I remember us not really taking who won very seriously, and then I remember games where we would be yelling at our computers for being slow. So much for not being competitive. Oops.

Well, these are all the memories I can conjure right now. On to more important things, like…

The Pixie Hollow Line-Up

Final Pixie Hollow Line-up September 19th 2015Top: Tiger, Dalila, Sarah Diamondswirls, Phoebe Bumbleflip, Violet Lovelyfreeze.

Bottom: Crystal Cutewinkle, Misty, Marigold Sunjewel, Raven, Rose Applefog, Pineapple, Minerva Grace

Pixie_hollow_logoKeep the Pixie Dust Alive


9 thoughts on “Second Anniversary of Pixie Hollow’s Closing

  1. Pinecone Pop was one of my all time favorites too! 😀
    Great post Raven 🙂 One question though – I sent you my pic, but I’m not in the line up. Did I send it to late?
    (Great job on the line-up either way – it looks amazing) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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