September Pixie News


Memorable Quote:

“Go out and find your sparkle!”

Ask Raven:

Q: Dear Raven, if you could suggest any three improvements for Pixie Hollow, what would they be?

– Patchwork Tinyswirls

A: Dear Patchwork, I would actually suggest a whole bunch of things! But if I had to narrow it down to three, I would suggest more mermaid themed items, more non-member fashion choices, and definitely a whole bunch more Animal Friends!!!!

Pixie Art:

Sunflower SummitThis is a meadow created by my little sister, titled Sunflower Summit photo

I call this picture Skipping Stone Stream.

A list of people who have sent me pictures for the PHC line-up:

Marigold Sunjewel

Crystal Cutewinkle

Rose Applefog

Violet Lovelyfreeze

Phoebe Bumbleflip





Don’t forget to send me a picture of your fairy if you want to be included in the line-up!

Thank you for reading this edition of Pixie News!


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