PJ Blues, Part 2

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eigh–BRRRBMLMMBMRR” My counting is interrupted by the very, very loud thunder. Sophie dives right into my tent, while Sarah squeaks and crawls in after her.

“You guys are so pathetic.”

“But the thunder is soooo scary!!” Sophie nods her head in agreement with Sarah.

“Aren’t you animal talents supposed to be brave? You can face down snakes, but can’t handle a little thunder??” My question is punctuated with a loud roll of thunder.

“But this is thunder! It’s scary!”

“Pfft. I’ll be right back”

Dewdrop_Blue_Camp_Tent_LargeThe tent

I grab a basket of poppy puff rolls, some blueberry muffins, and some popcorn. My tent is always fully stocked with everything I will ever need during a sleepover. A fire-pit, s’more supplies, a fully stocked wardrobe for dress-up, and even more. All I need to bring to the tent is food.

“I’m back, you weenies, and I brought snacks!!”

We split our snacks evenly, though I may accidentally have ended up with a couple more poppy puff rolls than Sophie or Sarah. Oops.

“What should we do first?” Sarah asks.

“Truth or dare! What about it, Raven?”

I yawn. “Okay, but we’ll have to do the dares tomorrow. I’m not going out to Havendish Square and proclaiming my love of sweetened breads at 10:00.”

Truth or dare lasts a good hour before Sarah crawls into her sleeping bag and says she’s too sleepy to continue.

“I’m sleepy too!” Sophie crawls into her sleeping bag, which is right between mine and Sarah’s.

“I swear, you guys are such lightweights. Nobody has even been pranked yet!” I pour water on the fire-pit so the only light in the tent comes from a few candles.

“Since you guys are so tired, we’ll just go to sleep now. No pranks, I promise.” Sarah falls asleep almost as soon as I say it, and Sophie is in trance-like state.

Perfect, I think. This is going to be easy as pie. Actually, pie is very hard to make. So maybe it’s easy as ramen noodles. There, now that’s easy. Very sneakily, I pull my book of mainland ghost stories out of my sleeping bag, where it has been hidden all night. I open the heavy cover, and begin to read, right next to Sophie and Sarah’s heads.

“It was a dark and stormy night. Not a single good creature was still awake. However, there are many evil creatures. Dark, awful things that creep over the earth during the midnight hour………”

*About 5 minutes later*

“And the creature pulled off the long piece of white fabric covering itself, unveiling it’s horrible body, and the lass screamed, right as her soul was devoured.”

Sophie mumbles something in her sleep about soul-sucking monsters. Sarah just whimpers. I snicker as I close the book and pull myself up from the ground. I pull out my special outfit, and decide to give them about five more minutes of good sleep before I scare the pee out of them.


I let out a bloodcurdling scream, which makes Sarah shoot up and look around in the dimly lit tent, and Sophie scream. After a few moments of bewildered looking around, they finally see me, huddled in the corner. Even Sarah screams this time. I relish the looks of pure terror on their faces, but I’m not done yet. I didn’t buy ogre green dye for nothing. Standing up, I whip the sheet off, revealing this:


Sophie looks as though she is going to pass out. Sarah is sheet white, showing off her light brown freckles more than ever. I twirl the sheet I’m now holding around, which blows out all the candles.

I quickly run over between Sophie and Sarah. Lighting a match and holding it up in front of my face, I give off a deafening roar. Sophie faints dead away, while Sarah quickly follows her example.

I wash the dye out of my hair and off my skin, then take off the mask before snuggling into my sleeping bag.

“Oh, you guys are going to be sooo mad at me tomorrow.”


2 thoughts on “PJ Blues, Part 2

  1. AWESOME! Terrific! Funny! I simply LOVE the “deafening roar” right before both of them fainted dead away. I am still laughing it’s so funny! I can’t wait for the next one Raven, it’s amazing. 😀


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