Second Anniversary

Hello my fairy friends.

If you read Crystal’s post earlier, you know that today is a special day.

An anniversary, if you will.

However, an anniversary is unimportant if you don’t know what it is celebrating, or, in this case, remembering.

Today marks two years since many fairies and sparrow men logged onto Pixie Hollow to find this ugly banner waiting for them.

Screen shot 2013-08-24 at 3.53.56 PM

Two years since the last fairy or sparrow man flew into the hollow.

Many things have happened since then. The closing of the hollow, the sadness, the recreations, the ideas, the new hopes…


But let’s not let this day be a sad one.

I mean, we have a Garden Tea Party to attend! An audience to wow with your flowery fashions!

Don’t make this day a sad one!

Remember the hollow, don’t wallow!

(I came up with that myself 😛 )

And don’t forget to fairy on!


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